Tom Brady. Tom Brady and Tom Brady again. The Super Bowl 2021 it was the consecration of the NFL champion who, at 43, literally took the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on his shoulders, leading them to conquer their second title of champions. But the Super Bowl 2021, in addition to the consecration of the quarterback, was also a cornucopia of truly exceptional moments. Here are our best moments.

Amanda Gorman: art, values ​​and glamor (signed Moschino)

Amanda Gorman at Super Bowl 2021 (in Moschino)

The encounter between sport and poetry materialized in the performance of Amanda Gorman which anticipated the sporting event. The youngest poet ever to appear on Inauguration Day literally transformed Super Bowl 2021 through her words. A poem that was in turn a dedication. A celebration. A moment of sharing. And a change. “Super Bowl poetry is a great achievement for art and for our nation,” the young poet wrote on Twitter before her speech aired. In her work, Amanda cited three “captains”: educator Trimaine Davis from Los Angeles, head of nurses Suzie Dorner and veteran and volunteer James Martin. It is not lacking, as for theInauguration Day, a glamorous element represented by Amanda’s choice to wear a blue jacquard coat dress by Moschino.

The Weeknd and the Half Time performance.

The Weeknd at Super Bowl 2021

© Matthew Emmons / IPA

As music critic Michele Boroni pointed out, the performance of The Weeknd it was “halfway between Broadway, video clips and a giant event”. Fifteen perfect minutes, as the performances of the Super Bowl impose, in which, however, as always, it is not the precision but the artistic direction that makes the difference. And if at the announcement of The Weeknd as the protagonist of Halftime we were blown away having not yet had the opportunity to observe the artist in a “big showman” dimension (a very natural environment for other protagonists of the past such as Lady Gaga or Bruno Mars), once the event is over we can say that The Weeknd was able to totally convince: of course, its halftime was less spectacular and “dance” than that (for example) of Justin Timberlake but it certainly proved to be just as full of twists, changes of perspective on the show and moments of great breath in which, in any case, the music was always at the center. A triumphal ride with a living and impressive scenography at the center that made Halftime more of a hypertrophic concert than a show in the strict sense. Memorable ending. For its performance, The Weeknd chose to wear a Givenchy Haute Couture look specially designed by Matthew M. Williams for the event.

Miley Cyrus and her TikTok Tailgate

Miley Cyrus at Super Bowl 2021

© Doug Benc / IPA

Rock, rock and more rock. In front of 7500 spectators chosen from among the vaccinated health personnel, Miley Cyrus gave birth to the first TikTok Tailgate which presented itself as a dedicated show, as for The Weeknd, purely about music. As if to shrug off the dramatic year just ended, Miley has decided to marry the back to basic. No sequins and cotillons but an old style concert with guests of great caliber like Joan Jett is Billy Idol. Memorable, among the memorable moments, the tears barely contained on the Wrecking Ball notes which, apparently, would be the result of the pain that the pop star still feels for the recent divorce from Liam Hemsworth. The heartfelt dedication to Britney Spears should also be underlined.

Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen

Tom Brady and daughter Vivian

© Mark J. Rebilas / IPA

It is not the first time we see Gisele Bündchen make a field invasion to celebrate her husband’s victory Tom Brady. On the other hand this is Brady’s seventh career title but it clearly has a different flavor. The super champion of records, in fact, with the season at the Buccaneers wanted and had to start all over again, taking off the shoes of the icon of the Patriots and putting himself in the game at the service of his new team which he joined at the age of 42 years. With this victory Brady has shown that he is still a player who makes a difference for a team confirming his innate talent and skills. It is therefore no coincidence that the triumph was celebrated by the whole family starting with the two children Bejamin Rein and Vivian Lake (born from the marriage with Gisele) and the young Jack Edwar (son of Bridget Moyanahan). The shot of Tom celebrating with his daughter Vivian, for us, is already history.

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