Mahmood returns to his fans with a new recording project, accompanied by the video clip of the single Inuyasha, and a new otherworldly look signed Burberry designed for him by Riccardo Tisci.

In the new video of the single Inuyasha, the Italian singer-songwriter wears a personalized red leather cape, a red gabardine trench coat, a long-sleeved tulle t-shirt, a grain de poudre wool dungarees with cut-out on the bib, suspenders in leather and classic wool trousers and red Arthur sneakers. All Burberry by Riccardo Tisci.

The song represents a new imagery for the artist: written by Mahmood and Dardust (who is also a producer), is a ballad inspired by a Japanese manga, Inuyasha. The homonymous protagonist of the comic is a half demon who manages to stem his dark side to protect his traveling companions, voluntarily renouncing to become a complete demon.

The video stems from Mahmood’s creative vision who imagined the story, taking care of its development from the creation of the moodboard, to the script and photography, following every aspect together with the director who wanted to be at his side, Simone Rovellini.

Mahmood thus embodies a modern Inuyasha demon, immersed in a magical and suspended atmosphere, which wanders among inhospitable glaciers and snow-covered forests, without a defined destination. He will meet the “Sphere of the Four Spirits”, a powerful symbol, and an instrument to rise or destroy according to use and the hands that intercept it.

The video describes the complexity of relationships, between the desire for expression and the need not to pour out one’s worst part on others, enclosing it “inside a chrysalis”. Almost a year after his latest single “Dorado”, with Inuyasha Mahmood he takes us through a new world of very personal artistic exploration.

Prior to Inuyasha’s video, Mahmood wore a Burberry by Riccardo Tisci look on several official occasions, was the face of the brand for the 2019 “What is Love?” Campaign, as well as appearing on the cover of the January 2020 issue of L ‘Vogue man with an outfit of the brand.

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