With Neverending Stories Brunello Cucinelli brings attention to cashmere knitwear, the highest expression of the history of the Italian brand

It is a return to origins that of Brunello Cucinelli, which today aims to bring back the focus on cashmere knitwear – core business of the brand since 1978 – with the launch of the new project Neverending Stories. A name that certainly anticipates the interesting concept, given that it literally speaks of endless stories, told by the famous made in Italy brand through precious and timeless essentials to be kept in the wardrobe and handed down from generation to generation to give life to personal and family traditions.

Going beyond the concept of fashion and the season, this selection features a number of cashmere sweaters soft and refined, which celebrate that classic and timeless style which made Brunello Cucinelli famous all over the world and which – even today – represents a distinctive element within each of his collections. Also the choice of cashmere is not accidental: this fiber is one of the Umbrian stylist’s favorites precisely by virtue of its distinctive quality, whose charm does not diminish over time, but lends itself to be preserved, preserved, handed down.

Each Neverending Stories product represents the reinterpretation of a classic, the result not only of the finest craftsmanship that treat pure cashmere or blended with silk and wool, but also of a precise combination of creativity and tradition, values ‚Äč‚Äčthat have always been dear to the brand. The result is a collection of lightweight sweaters, T-shirts, sweaters and turtlenecks, designed for men and women and available in a color palette that ranges from delicate shades of nature. Are you curious to discover all the products? The new collection is already available online at brunellocucinelli.com.

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