“Teen Knight Poem”, the new men’s collection Celine winter 2021, designed by Hedi Slimane, was staged with a parade virtual broadcast on the maison’s digital channels.

Hedi Slimane’s neo grunge becomes a neo romanticism, seasoned with a hint of goth, a bit of Harry Potter and Gossip Girl Reboot, in the garments and styling of the looks of the fashion show that came to life in an imaginary walkway between the towers of the Ch√Ęteau de Chambord, the largest and most famous in the Loire region of France. For the maison, the show represents the new way of life of today’s young people, the rebirth of a generation that reinvents itself in the game, the definition of new identities through imaginary codes that draw from the past.

Armed silhouettes and cavalry style mix with 90s New Romantic goth accents in a parade of Generation Z teens. The proportions, in the overlapping of leather jackets and vests, in bomber jackets and coats with drooping shoulders, are a reinterpretation of the court portraits of Francis I and the French Renaissance. The embroideries of crystals and metal chains are made in the maison’s Parisian ateliers; the most elaborate, on the final look of the show, requires 1300 hours of work. The shades of black, brown, gold and silver are those of the 16th century court dress.

Many of the models on the catwalk with the new Celine winter 2021 men’s collection are British or Scottish, like the musicians Jack and George Barnett who composed the soundtrack of the show. In the choice of the Barnett family, friends of Hedi Slimane since 2006, and of the location, with which the designer fell in love in his adolescence, we read the nostalgic intention that pervades the new Celine collection by Slimane. The show’s message is perpetuated in a series of artistic collaborations with 7 international creatives chosen by the brand: Thomas Sauter, Hendrik Hegray, Dan Wilson, Gene Beery, Olivia Chapman, Althe A James and Cambria Guevara.

Watch the full video of the Celine winter 2021 men’s show.

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