The minimal style comes to life in precise shades: here are the fashion colors to wear according to the spring summer 2021 trends

Not just black and white. This is the message that comes straight from the stylists they embrace essentiality and linearity. Because there is a desire for color, energy and joy. Even the most minimal wardrobe finds a fresh vibe thanks to a new color palette.

The color enhances the shape and cut of the garment, thus enhancing the simplicity of the elements that make up the look. The details are highlighted: the buttons, the pleats, the pockets lose their décor image. In the minimal style, function is privileged, such as closing, giving volume or containing.

He does not dare to fluo shades, minimalism finds character and audacity among the bright red, the butter yellow, the liqueur bordeaux and the cool blue sky. Shades never used in fantasy but worn as a detail or total look.

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