If already the AirPods they are the most popular earphones in the world, they connect on the fly to our smartphone, they have excellent audio quality, a good design and allow us to share our listening experience, their latest version arrived on the market a month and a little earlier plus, it is becoming a kind of cult item.

The AirPods Max by Apple they are wireless headphones that combine all the functions of an easy-to-use headset with those of high-fidelity immersive listening. They are ideal for music, cinema and gaming, but when needed, listening stops automatically when a phone call arrives.

Available in five colors – space gray, silver, light blue, green and pink – they have an over ears design designed to fit your shape perfectly with the telescopic headband rods that can be extended and locked as desired. The frame of the headband of the AirPods Max – which also have a practical soft and thin case – is in stainless steel – which gives great solidity – and the upper band is perforated in mesh fabric therefore reduces the pressure on the head and gives lightness to the product .

The first sensation as soon as you wear them is that of complete isolation from the context, also thanks to the memory foam pads, which create that enveloping isolation that is the basis of an immersive sound. Active cancellation of external noise – which in Apple headphones is optimal – you can choose it, but with the noise control button that allows you to switch from “cancellation” mode to “transparency” or “spatial audio” mode, in case you must be alert to what is happening around. The classic example? Use during sports training such as running or cycling.

And now for the real listening experience: The Apple-designed 40mm dynamic driver delivers rich, deep bass, accurate mid-range frequencies, and crisp, crystal-clear highs, so you can hear every single note. Thanks to a dual neodymium ring magnet motor, the AirPods Max can maintain less than 1% total harmonic distortion across the entire audible range, even at maximum volume. Apple has also designed a chip for each ear cushion, and thanks to the bespoke acoustic design and computational audio – capable of 9 billion operations per second – the listening experience is truly of the highest quality.

The cost? Starting from € 629

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