The last paradise ”: the film with Riccardo Scamarcio and Gaia Bermani Amaral from 5 February on Netflix

A blast from the past, an impossible love and a peasant struggle with a universal flavor: these are the main ingredients of the film The ultimate paradise (from February 5 on Netflix), produced and performed by Riccardo Scamarcio who wrote it with Rocco Ricciardulli, here also as a director.

Gaia Bermani Amaral in “The last paradise”


The female protagonist Gaia Bermani Amaral she plays Bianca, the woman her character, Ciccio, is in love with, despite being already a husband and father. Complicating the matter is her family ties: she is the daughter of Cumpà Schettino (Antonio Gerardi), who would do anything to hinder the union. The story takes place at the end of the fifties in a small southern village and the shooting took place in Puglia, exactly in the places where the actor was born and raised.
Gaia Bermani Amaral has a different background (Italian mom and dad Brazilian), but tells Vogue how she managed to immerse herself in the universal themes of the project, which nevertheless remains anchored to the rural dimension of Southern Italy.
Gorgeous in a fuchsia trouser suit, she radiates enthusiasm and emotion even via Zoom. He has a thousand projects in mind, including the creation of a new film with the director, his partner in the production house Silver Productions.

What else keeps you busy in these times of forced confinement?
I’m writing a novel, which will be ready by the end of the year, something different from the children’s storybook of a few years ago, “The Fairies of the Rainbow and the Mystery of the Five Moons”. And it would be a dream to see it turned into a movie …

Have you always loved writing?
Since childhood. In fact, at home, crammed into the closets, I have a collection of diaries that contain my thoughts. Now I would also like to make a screenplay.

What memory do you have of Puglia, which hosted you for months during filming?
Two years before shooting I had chosen Gravina di Puglia for a costume film, an area I knew from having already been there on vacation. This time I totally let myself be enchanted by cardoncelli mushrooms, what goodness! Food remains a fundamental element of welcome in human relationships.

Riccardo Scamarcio and Gaia Bermani Amaral


Have you ever experienced the same feeling of inadequacy and helplessness as Bianca?
I understand your need for redemption. It is important for me to affirm my identity as an actress. It helps me a lot to have a production house and to write. Unfortunately in Italy today chauvinism is still present and in the entertainment world the situation is even more accentuated. So yes, I understand Bianca’s willingness to change things.

Do you feel wiser and stronger today? 40 is said to be crucial.
I hope it is a turning point. Today I feel more focused, I am happy at this age and proud of this film, which has arrived at the right time, in a phase in which the situation is positive even in private, because I am living a very happy relationship.

The story between Bianca and Ciccio is one of those impossible loves that are cheered for. Other films that you have often watched?
In addition to “A tram called desire”, I was very excited by Jane Campion’s film, “Piano Lessons”, which tells a different love from a female perspective.

Bianca has never left her village, she has traveled the world. Do you miss this nomadic dimension?
In this period we must be creative and be reborn from the ashes. Nobody can deny us the imagination and the projects. The positive side of the catastrophe is the ability to explore things that would not have come up before. Difficulties allow us to be reborn.

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