Chiarissima is the new brand of sustainable fashion based in Milan and tradition in Puglia, born at a time when it is too difficult to describe spaces and roles. The emerging handmade accessories project was born in 2020 from crochet embroidery and the meanings – clear or crystalline, but also perfectly obvious – of the name of Chiara De Nigris, enfant prodige and founder, who creates a new world, with bright colors and kitsch combinations, where inclusiveness and sustainability are the protagonists of an unprecedented story. Here appears, on the feed or on the official website, an “imperfect” universe of normal people “wearing a handbag”; and immediately everything becomes “very clear”.

The products that inhabit the brand’s debut scenario are all handmade thanks to the contribution of the best Italian leather companies, ready to always supply new remnants that deserve a second chance in the first collection that is ironic and creative, but also functional and sustainable. The bags Very clear, available in five original silhouettes, they are like a blank canvas on which the animalier textures they meet the pastel shades of blue, pink and lilac, and the dusty shades of gray and brown. Each seam of the bags is an autobiographical reference to the traditional technique that the designer learned from her grandmother: those who grew up in Puglia know that, once upon a time, pieces of different fabrics were sewn together to obtain sheets or other necessary clothing. In the original design of the Chiarissima accessories, small handcrafted oval-shaped closures meet irreverent plexiglass buckles that join the shoulder straps to the bags; the charms inspired by the shapes of nature, on the other hand, express the irony, freshness and authenticity of the brand.

The project is inspired by the uniqueness of real people, protagonists of the first campaign entitled “Women of the people”. The images of the 3D artist Joyce Vermilion, with the artistic direction of Rujiana Cantoni, they cancel the deceptive perfection of virtual reality and enhance the importance of inclusivity, representing a heterogeneous community. In Chiarissima’s world, there are no social, cultural and aesthetic distinctions. If the core-value of the brand’s accessories is sustainability, the common thread that unites the images of the 3D campaign is the uniqueness of the couples of women who represent all really possible lifestyles.

Chiarissima enters the fashion world with drops independent of seasonality that resonate like the first beats of a new way of thinking, where production times are marked by slower rhythms and where there is no hyper-production, but only a new one sustainable, ironic and creative awareness.

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