To make a royal family it takes a real family. The etiquette purists excuse us if we dared to associate an advertisement dedicated to brushes with royal family, but the paraphrase of the claim conceived by Ignazio Colnaghi in 1982 seems the most perfect thing there is to describe the tree genealogical that branches off from the throne of the United Kingdom.

William, George, Charles and Queen Elizabeth II

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A real parental scale which, growing from branch to branch, becomes ever wider under the protection of Queen Elizabeth II which, on the threshold of its 95 years, can really count a very rich plethora of grandchildren and great-grandchildren. How many? We have tried to censor them for you.

Edward, James, Louise Windsor.

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Starting with the direct grandchildren we clearly find them, Harry and William, sons of Charles, the Duke of Windsor. Following Zara Phillips is Peter Phillips, sons of Anna, Princess Royal to which are added the daughters of Andrea, Beatrice of York ed Eugenie of York and those of Edoardo, Louise Windsor is James, viscount of Severn.

Eugenia and Beatrice of York

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So wanting to draw up a first list, here are the grandchildren of the queen in order of age:

Peter Phillips (age 43)
Zara Phillips (39 years old)
William (38 years old)
Harry (36 years)
Beatrice of York (age 32)
Eugenia of York (30 years old)
Louise Windsor (age 17)
James, Viscount of Severn (age 13)

Moving on to the great-grandchildren, the reconstruction begins to get a little more complex. Let’s start with them, i royal babies William’s children: George, Charlotte and Louis to which their cousin is added, Archie Mountbatten-Windsor, son of Harry and Meghan Markle. Zara Phillips gave birth to two daughters, Mia Grace Tindall and Lena Elizabeth Tindall and she is waiting for a third “arrival” while Peter had two daughters, Savannah Phillips and Isla Phillips. As with Zara Phillips, the queen is expecting a new grandchild also from Eugenia who announced her pregnancy and that she should soon give birth to her first child. But how many royal grandchildren actually have noble titles? Not as many as you can imagine. In the list of those who use the noble titles we find William, George, Charlotte, Louis, Beatrice and Eugenia. What about Harry? No, Harry no.

Archie Mountbatten Windsor, Meghan Markle and Harry

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But if we have to talk about grandchildren, we can only mention those who are often forgotten: we are talking about David Armstrong-Jones, Earl of Snowdon and son of Princess Margaret who had two children: Charles Armstrong-Jones, Viscount Linley and Lady Margarita Armstrong-Jones. To these are added then Lady Sarah Chatto, daughter of Margaret who had two children Arthur Robert Nathaniel Chatto is Samuel Chatto.

But who is the queen’s favorite grandson? Obviously this information is stored in the heart of His Majesty. Nevertheless, rumors close to the Palace would see in Zara Phillips the most loved by Her Majesty. Although Harry

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