Gigi Hadid he wanted to tell about his birth. In fact, the model revealed in a long interview in the March issue of Vogue US, which is also the protagonist on the cover, the home birth experience with which she gave birth to her first daughter.

First detail: the baby of the house Hadid – Malik she was born a week late and Gigi had in mind to give her a peaceful coming into the world surrounded by his loved ones. A desire that, in times of pandemic, was and is only associated with the home birth conducted with the presence of mother Yolanda, her sister Bella and her partner Zayn. Hence, the bedroom has been transformed into a delivery room, with an inflatable swimming pool used for this purpose and the appropriate atmosphere that, specifically, has been recreated playing the Frank Oz movie in the background, The Magic key. “It was something we never talked about before but, when the time came, the film turned out to be something we really loved.”

In addition to a midwife and her assistant, three cats and a dog, there was also dad Zayn who, like all fathers in the moments of childbirth, felt helpless in the face of Gigi’s pain but then prove to be providential. It was indeed Zayn to welcome the newborn baby in his embrace. As Gigi reveals, in fact, “I didn’t realize I had already given birth. I was so exhausted, then I looked up and saw him holding her in his hands. It was so beautiful.”

Certainly the birth was a very challenging time for both new parents who decided to take a few moments before possibly thinking about a new arrival. “Zayn and I looked at each other and had an expression like,” Let’s let some time pass before we do it again. “

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