Spring summer 2021 fashion trend: black dress with low back. Here are our tips on how to wear it to make it the sexiest outfit in the closet

It’s all a game of balances, between imagination and malice. If absolute black brings with it the idea of ​​austerity, the mind immediately wants to discover and reveal what that fabric is so dense and gloomy. Even more so if it is a high-necked and monastic dress, which only for the fit, adherent to the right point, marks the female body. But beware: as soon as the curious and even questioning gaze marries behind, here appears the surprise. We are talking about one very deep neckline which touches the hips and slides up to side “b”. In a matter of seconds, what appeared to be a simple black dress becomes the sexiest garment you can wear or look at.

Over and over we have talked about the revolution of little black dress, how this model has removed the idea of ​​femininity from “lace and lace”; the black backless dress instead he intends to abandon the sexy image from explicit looks that leave very little to the imagination. A seduction that distances itself from necked dresses, garments that show a generous décolleté or dizzying miniskirts.

The back neckline has two great godmothers: the first is Vikki Dougan, the seductive actress who inspired the character of Jessica Rabbit, the latter is Mireille Darc. Alain Delon’s famous companion is still remembered today for that magnificent black velvet dress designed by Guy LaRoche, worn in the film Le Grand Blond avec une chaussure noire (1972). Apparently austere, the protagonist reveals its bolder side, a completely bare back thanks to a wide rounded neckline that touches the buttocks showing the arch of the silhouette, while a very thin gold chain emphasizes the waist and full nakedness.

Here is that fashion spring summer 2021 is a continuous reference to these iconic looks sexy: a malice enclosed in meters of black fabric that reveals the female body in the right place. Even that tiny detail at the waist – a strap, a jewel or a thong – immediately becomes a symbol of the audacity of those who choose a black dress with a wide neckline on the back. Between the lines we read “even your gaze fell right there!“.

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