God save our gracious Queen! Her Majesty la Queen Elizabeth II this week he will cross the milestone of 69 years of reign. An anniversary that will be celebrated this Saturday, February 6, and which will mark yet another step in the reign of the record queen. Elizabeth II is in fact the queen who has sat on the throne of England for the longest time, having now lustered the previous record holder, Queen Victoria (her great-great-grandmother) who, with her 23 thousand thousand days of reign, she had managed to overtake King George III.

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It was in fact February 6, 1952 when Elizabeth II, at the time only 25 years old, literally found herself from morning to evening becoming Queen of the United Kingdom following the sudden death of her father George VI. An investiture abruptly which, at the time, had reached (and upset) Elizabeth II during her trip to Kenya with the Prince Philip and that he had seen the queen immediately return to the UK to be crowned on 2 June 1953. But how will Her Majesty celebrate this anniversary? It is known to royals lovers that Elizabeth II, as a true lover of traditions, has always spent the day of her investiture year after year in Sandringham, the winter residence of the royal family in which it is said that the queen, by her explicit will, has the Christmas decorations hung up until 6 February to celebrate the figure of her beloved father.

Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II

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In this 2021, however, Elizabeth and Philip spent the holidays at Windsor Castle and not at Sandringham and spent them – we imagine – with the incredible and alienating certainty of having to give up a tradition that is now more than half a century long. However, it seems that the royal couple are planning an imminent move to London to organize a series of events for what will be a very busy summer for the royals. The events of the summer, in fact, will involve both the first meeting with the new president Biden and the annual one Trooping the Color, to celebrate the 95 years of the queen, and the birthday, on June 10, of Prince Philip who will blow out a hundred candles.

So let’s finish as we started with a nice “god save our gracious Queen” knowing that Elizabeth’s reign will never really end.

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