Alison Carey mentioned her sister Mariah Carey in court. A legal battle that opened before the Supreme Court of New York and that was born on the pages of the memoir published by the music star in September. On the other hand, there weren’t many doubts about it: the autobiography The Meaning Of Mariah Carey it hit the audience like a punch in the stomach. Personal history as told by the queen of christmas he revealed that behind his smiles and iconic voice hides a past made up of abuse and domestic violence also caused (indeed above all) by his older sister. A painful story that, apparently, has reopened wounds that have perhaps never completely healed.

In response to the revelations made in the book, Alison CareyHe reportedly sued Mariah for “emotional distress” by asking to be compensated with more than a million dollars accusing her sister of exposing her to “heartless, evil, vengeful, cruel and totally unnecessary” public humiliation. . Alison, who decided to represent herself in the lawsuit, also claimed to be “seriously depressed and unusually broken” since the book was published, adding that she has returned to alcohol abuse after a long time of total sobriety.

Of course, in the memoirs of Mariah the figure of Alison she is represented more as a torturer than as a sister: as the soul star writes, her sister allegedly subjected her to numerous psychological and physical abuses, including a severe burn on her back, even going so far as to trade her sister for money or drugs.

All accusations that Alison rejects to the sender defining them cruel and outrageous but above all aimed exclusively at promoting the book at the expense of her sister’s reputation. There are currently no responses from either Mariah Carey or her staff. Although, we fear, this bad story will certainly not end here.

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