Farewell to the White House it was troubling for many but certainly not for Ivanka Trump. The daughter of the former President of the United States, in fact, and her husband Jared Krushner together they would have earned between 23 million and 120 million dollars net of their salaries as an assistant to the President and a senior adviser of the White House.

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The figure was made public through the financial disclosure reports that public figures must publish every year to account for their income and (obviously) their origin. But what were the couple’s multimillion-dollar sources of income? As for Ivanka, a large part of her annual income derives from annuities that come from companies that she found herself unable to manage to avoid any conflicts of interest. A “guaranteed fixed” agreement which, in 2020, earned Ivanka more than one and a half million to which the proceeds from the Trump International Hotel in Washington DC in which he has some investments have been added. Then there were the reports of the Ivanka M. Trump Business Trust which owns numerous brands in various product sectors and which made up a large part of its annual income which, it should be said, suffered from the pandemic.

Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump

As far as Krushner is concerned, the financial situation turned out to be very similar: guaranteed minimums, sale of assets and income from the corporate portfolio in his possession constituted almost all of his income to which the proceeds from the sale of his shares in the company were added. Cadre company due to an obvious conflict of interest. Only one question remains: why are we not talking about 120 million but about a gap between 23 and 120 million? The answer is in US law: the tax return, like other publicly disclosed federal documents, is not defined but is presented with “ranges” of possibilities.

A wide fork that, however, we feel we can say, certainly does not paint a difficult future for the Trumps. Definitely not.

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