Last September, Clarisonic stopped production of its facial cleansing brush with sonic technology. A tool which, in the early 2000s, revolutionized the ritual of cleansing and that turned the face brush a beauty gesture “spa-like “ effective and relaxing.

It is also thanks to Clarisonic that the sector of brushes for cleaning the face has evolved with more and more devices hi-tech and multifunction. They clean, massage, tone the skin and maximize the anti-aging effect of serums and creams.

They are like gods workout for the skin: thanks to their mechanical action they thoroughly cleanse make-up residues e pollution environmental, free clogged pores and combining different types of massage giving a burst of energy. The face is immediately brighter and ready for the application of skincare products.

Not just cleansing

The hi-tech future of beauty goes more and more in the direction of uniting thedeep exfoliation of the skin to massage. Modular according to the face area to be treated, this winning combination improves elasticity, has a draining, invigorating and anti-aging effect. Microcurrents combined with a sonic vibration they represent the ideal training for the skin, activate the facial muscles and oxygenate the complexion.

Below are 10 face brushes not to be missed

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