The latest guide to find out how to wear spring / summer 2021 moccasins. Street style outfits, tips and style mistakes (to avoid)

No longer just an emblem of style preppy: these shoes have violated the stylistic codes to land on the feet of fashionistas. Here is a classic, characterized by the essential and minimal design, where the only excess allowed is an important buckle or a slightly thicker sole, now it becomes an object of worship. It definitely surpasses the idea of ​​a sophisticated accessory. Gucci has already shown it with a very young girl Jodie Foster, darting along the street on a skate, wearing the iconic “GG” moccasins; neo-grunge culture clears it of the idea of ​​“classic” by choosing models chunky.

The fact remains that doubt always remains about how to wear i moccasins to avoid a démodé look, tarnished by outdated combinations, devoid of character and personality.

Loafers suggest outfits with a vintage flavor: a pleated skirt and cardigan are enough to find yourself in an American college. But this is not the solution: contemporaneity suggests combining them with slit trousers, miniskirts and evening dresses. Here the moccasins replace décolleté with stiletto heels and super sporty sneakers. A good compromise between style and comfort.

The question is much more difficult “with or without sock”That literally splits the fans of this shoe in two. Wearing loafers with bare feet is the most common practice, because in this way it slims the leg and does not visually break the silhouette. The combination, moccasins plus socks, requires a generous dose of creativity, as well as courage: most of the time, gambling is not necessary to pass the style exam. No evidence of power is required: if in doubt, avoid …

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