Shoes 2021: next season’s rubber slipper

Shoes or bags? Usually it is discovered when very young. The innate shopping radar within us – or, if you want to say it in a more noble way, our aesthetic sense applied to accessories – will immediately lean towards one or the other. For me it has always and only shoes, shoes, shoes. I still remember the first ones Mary Jane in black patent leather at 8 years old (without heel, of course). And then the sneakers with the blue mustache at 12. Even for ice skates I was more interested in the retro shape of a late 19th century lace-up boot than the sharp edges. Then came the Doc Marten’s of my 16 years. At 20 I was obsessed with sabots. At 30, I invested considerable sums in Prada sandals (remember the collection with butterflies and fish?).

In the meantime I was overwhelmed by another all-encompassing passion: I started shooting for Brazil, to get to know every aspect of this great country, without suspecting that there might be some connection between the love for shoes and this geographical interest. Until, at some point, they materialized on my way Melissa, those shoes made of irresistible scented rubber, which you can wear in the city and even on the beach, at home and on the street. And which, above all, had not yet arrived in Europe. It was love at first sight (read: I ended up in the massive buying tunnel).

There were the dancers with intricate floral patterns designed by two world-class designers like i Campana brothers (buy even if I didn’t find the right number); then the sabot with ankle laces (much loved) by the Brazilian designer Alexandre Herchovitch; then the platformers open toe signed by Vivienne Westwood (bubble gum pink) and countless other unsigned models, in all colors and shapes, including the latest pre-pandemic acquisition dated 2019: a pair of pool slippers decorated with very pop pink llamas (a must-have). I love them all, or rather I loved them all until I saw them.

They are the Victorian style “mules” born from the collaboration between Melissa and Y / Project who have the gift of matching both the practical needs of this (long) period of smart working and the aesthetic aspirations of this uncertain phase of fashion (and which for me have already won the championship of the best shoes 2021).
In other words: they are comfortable as slippers (to be said with all due respect), elegant the right and more endowed with that quirky touch that distinguishes all Melissa models. In this case it is the Rococo flavor of the cleat – which resumes the shoes of the porcelain figurines of the eighteenth century – combined with the textures that trace the motifs of Victorian vases. Designed by the creative director of Y / Project Glenn Martens, debuted on the autumn winter 2021 2022 catwalk of the e brand will be available from May. Maybe then we will no longer be smart working and homebound (or maybe we will be less so), but who cares? As we said, the beauty of Melissa shoes is that they are always perfect. At home and outside, in the sun and in the rain.

PS It remains only to understand what color: transparent, black or silver? Or all three?

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