Imagine seeing the sun in the middle of the night, as if it were a shooting star that dominates the sky. The new perfume Louis Vuitton, from the collection Les Parfumes, it’s all this. And even more.

Composed in Grasse by the maître parfumeur Jacques Cavallier Belletrud, Ètoile Filante is a tribute to the journey of the senses and to the precious nectar ofosmanthus. As if it were a dancing star, in its mad rush to illuminate the sky, it spreads joy and happiness. As it were, in short, an invitation to shine after this dark period.

To capture this light, Belletrud deliberately chose the most revered flower in the Far East, osmanthus which, for him, is an olfactory memory since his childhood. “It is the first element I discovered, when I was 11, in my father’s workshop a Grasse. Its wonderful smell and its name that refers to escape, immediately struck and fascinated me “, explains the maître who, on a trip to China, on the way to this flower, had a mistake.

Ètoile Filante by Louis Vuitton

“At the twilight of the day, a perfume hung in the air around the flower stands sweet and unique, where the aromas of osmanthus and magnolia are mixed. This perfume deeply moved me, the combination of these two elements offered by nature then seemed obvious to me ”.

The perfumer’s dream becomes reality today. For the first time osmanthus becomes king of this Louis Vuitton perfume, the main element of a score that reveals all its splendor. For those who don’t know, osmanthus encapsulates in itself natural nuances of fruity apricot and black currant that give it sweetness, as delicate as a peach skin.

Belletrud then adds a touch of Grasse jasmine extracted with CO2, an exclusive reserved for the Maison Louis Vuitton, to amplify all its florality and its velvety character, with light notes of sun-ripened strawberries. And here, the radiation reaches the Zenith in contact with the essence of Chinese magnolia. “A perfect examples of freshness floral, rich in contrasts, vibrant, of wonderful tenacity. An element that makes you smile “. It infuses the skin with a rush of tenderness, as if it were a blow final, a desired hug, thanks to the enveloping white musk that covers the flowers with a veil of softness, caressing the skin. And beauty in its purest form.

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