An unpublished Karl Lagerfeld returns to fascinate us in the new biography written by his bodyguard

Ça va, cher Karl? (How are you, dear Karl?). A morning message on your mobile is enough to deliver the perfect title to one biography. Sébastien Jondeau he repeats the same words to Lagerfeld every day, for about twenty years, and he has no doubt that that breakfast habit, which awakens his boss like the smell of a coffee, will be the opening sentence of the book dedicated to him. Alongside the designer as bodyguard, Jondeau begins his patrol at just 23, protecting Kaiser Karl from the concoctions of eggs and flour launched by PETA activists as much as from his emotional changes, which change from solar to saturnine as in a tropical climate. Friend and confidant, Sébastien collects a lifetime of memories and engraves them on paper, giving us a atypical portrait, unprecedented and deeply intimate of Karl Lagerfeld.

Karl Lagerfeld and Sébastien Jondeau at the wedding of Prince Albert II, July 2011.

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With the collaboration of the French journalist Virginie Mouzat, Lagerfeld’s friend since the 80s when she posed for him as a model, the biography Ça va, cher Karl? published by Flammarion it is the behind the scenes of a creative and mammoth existence, which does not follow a linear chronology but skips from one memory to another on the wave of emotion. Inscrutable to the rest of the world, the designer is for Jondeau an incurable ironic, an irreverent contradiction that designs clothes inspired by old Hollywood while watching 90s comedies in the car, which prefers those of Coca Cola to the bubbles of champagne, which like every première dame he needs the occasional culinary sgarro of McDonald’s burgers and fries. Retrospective and background that promises to drag the reader into an evocative cosmos of drawing desks, a thousand and more iPods with collections of playlists and meditations on the mystery of cats, Ça va, cher Karl? it is the most authentic reading to be allowed in order to know and decipher the Lagerfeld enigma.

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