On Valentine’s Day, giving a Claddagh ring is a promise of eternal love

Land of suggestions and magic, theIreland gave birth to some of the most fascinating legends in history, including that ofCladdagh ring. Symbol of an eternal and boundless love, the jewel it has become famous all over the world thanks to its particular shape, composed of three symbols, each of which represents the essential values ​​of a relationship: two hands identify thefriendship, the heart central is image ofsincere love, while the crown that dominates it is the emblem of loyalty. Linked to a medieval myth originating from the city of Galway, in the Connemara region, the Claddagh is today the best-selling jewel in the country, used by young people to perpetrate the national tradition, and is above all an irresistible magnet that attracts the passing patrons of the Emerald Isle.

History of the Claddagh ring

The legend originates in the city of Galway between the 16th and 17th centuries. The birth of the jewel is linked to numerous stories, all starring the local family Joyce. The first version, dating back to the 16th century, is not characterized by the romanticism that has always enveloped this jewel, but tells the story of Margaret Joyce, widow of the city who, following her second marriage, chooses to donate her huge assets to charity. The first Claddagh ring was born as a divine gift, one reward for generosity of the woman who receives it from a flying eagle.

The second and more compelling one dates back to the seventeenth century and has a male protagonist, Richard Joyce, a young man captured by pirates and then sold as a slave to an Arab goldsmith from whom he learns the trade. Once he returned home (around 1689) following the liberation of the English slaves by William III of England, manages to make a fortune thanks to the ability to work precious metals. The Claddagh ring was also born here as a symbol of gratitude and gratitude: it is said that Joyce created the first version for pay homage to the sovereign who had freed him.

Finally, Richard Joyce is at the center of a third and romantic legend, according to which, once freed from slavery and returned to Ireland, he creates the jewel for a local couple, which became famous for having faithfully waited for long years away and then being stayed together and happy until the last day.

How to wear the Claddagh ring

According to an ancient but still current tradition, the Claddagh comes worn in different ways depending on your sentimental situation.

If brought to theright ring finger with the crown facing the palm, it indicates that the wearer is not in love or tied up in a relationship, but is looking for it. On the contrary, if worn with the crown facing outwards, it is a symbol of a heart already conquered and engaged in a relationship of love. On left hand, on the other hand, it has a more official value; on the left ring finger, with the crown protruding outwards, it indicates an engagement, while when it is worn with the crown towards the palm, it is in effect a wedding ring.

Rich in the charm of legend, imbued with a fairytale and timeless romanticism, theCladdagh ring is a unique and special symbol of love, the perfect and unconventional gift to give to those you love on the day of Valentine’s day.

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