It must have been for its nonconformist character. It may be because of some boutade that are not always happy. It will be for the long shadow of Donald Trump. Or for his lack of empathy. For sure the path as First Lady of the United States of Melania Trump did not end in the best way.

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In fact, according to what is reported by CNN that monitors the popularity rates of the Presidency from term to mandate, in fact, Melania would have concluded her mandate with a rate of favorable opinions never so low since the popularity rate was monitored. If, for example, Michelle Obama left there White House a favorable opinion rate of 69% (which has remained constant throughout both Barack Obama’s mandates), Laura Bush has even reached the threshold of 64% despite the figure of her husband not being among the most loved in the United States.

A little worse Hillary Clinton who, also due to the long wave of the Sexgate and the consequent impeachment, left First Lady with 52% in favor. And Melania? Its rating is 42% favorable and 47% unfavorable. A real “debacle” if you consider that, at the peak of her popularity, in May 2018, Melania could boast 57% of favorable opinions then collapsed with her trip to Africa, reaching 43% and then falling again a little with the latest events.

Nonetheless, according to CNN, the First Lady remains more popular than her husband Donald: the favorable opinions on the former President, to date, are around 33%.

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