Harry won. The lawsuit brought against the Mail on Sunday and the MailOnline has come to an end and the tabloids have been forced to acknowledge the Duke’s reasons. In fact, as was communicated by the lawyer of Harry and Meghan in the UK High Court, the tabloids acknowledged having published false, fabricated and defamatory stories against the Duke asking for the case to be resolved with a financial settlement. Put simply: the tabloids admitted their faults, they decided to pay immediately and not go ahead in the process that could have led to an even heavier sentence.

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Wanting to retrace the stages of the legal battle and the reasons from which it was born, we must in fact go back to a year ago when the Mail on Sunday published a series of articles about Harry, openly accusing him of turning his back on Royal Marines, a body of the army where the Duke of Sussex served and to which he has always remained very attached.

A serious accusation, accompanied by rumors about the request by the senior officers to remove Harry from his rank of captain general. Well, as Harry’s lawyer specified, none of these allegations were true: Harry has always had a very close relationship with the Royal Marines indeed, as defined before the court, the link between Harry and the British Army is “beyond question”.

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Furthermore, the articles published by the tabloid not only “constituted a personal attack on the figure of the duke, but they also questioned his service to the country“As if that were not enough, still before the High Court, Harry’s lawyer pointed out how the two tabloids lied to their readers in December. when they announced a donation ai Invictus Games to repair the falsehoods published. Donation which, according to Harry’s lawyer, was never made.

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That donation will therefore now be made by Harry who has decided to donate to the Invictus Games all proceeds from the “restorative” transaction, the amount of which has not been disclosed. And the strand of Meghan’s cause is still missing …

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