From fashion 2021 a special mini on belts with horseshoe buckle

There are pieces that mark the world of trends more than the others, which quickly become recognizable and iconic, and which are able to embellish a whole look with their mere presence. This is the case of the belts with horseshoe buckle launched by Bottega Veneta and which in a very short time became a must-have for street style looks. Also interpreted by influencers and it girls, the horseshoe buckle belt is extremely versatile and can, therefore, be interpreted in completely different ways. Outside the fashion shows, for example, she was spotted on a light coat that wrapped an elegant slip dress with feathers; but also on a boiler suit, to mark the waistline and make the ensemble more feminine together with heels.

With fashion 2021, horseshoe buckle belts have also arrived on the ChloƩ runway. The brand offers them resting on the hips in a soft way, without squeezing the waist, in contrast with a mini shirt dress with a bon ton aesthetic decorated with embroidered polka dots.

ChloƩ Spring Summer 2021

But to get to the origins of this accessory you have to fly back to the past until the 60s. During a trip to Mexico, in 1969, the designer Elsa Peretti he noticed the strap of a saddle with very peculiar lines. He took one with him to America and, as the British Museum recounts, created the first horseshoe-shaped buckle for Halston.

If you want advice on how to wear the belt on outerwear, read also the focus dedicated to the ‘visible belt’.

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