At home yes, maybe with the DIY face mask, but never lazy. Especially since there are accessories and clothing with a thousand functions: they can be used as leisurewear comfortable and comfortable, for yoga or pilates and also for going out. The proof are the made in Italy leggings of the brand Mahr: born to do pilates but so much glossy and sexy to look good even with stiletto heels. How he showed them off Alessia Marcuzzi at Hyenas, but also the influencer Gilda Ambrosio.

They are called Tweggings, they are the evolution of normal leggings as well as the excuse to train at home even during the weekend. Born from an idea of Monia Furnari, former dancer and teacher of pilates in Italy and California, they combine the comfort of a product to be used in the gym to accompany movements with fluidity, with a garment that can be used in everyday life, without looking overly sporty.

Twenty“Is the special issue of Tweggings: ’20 as the years in which the Pilates method spread in the United States and 20 as the number of centimeters of the very high waist of the Tweggings, inspired by pants that Rudolf Nourayew wore. They are all unique pieces, handmade using raw materials that come from Italian artisan shops. A project, explains Monia, “Born to support the made in Italy in such a difficult time. Lycra comes from the Bergamo area, the most affected by the coronavirus, while the labels come from Rome, where they are hand-sewn “.

Wellness rituals

How do you want to feel? This is the question to ask before accessing Lemongrass Flow Freely, the new platform dedicated to the world of yoga that awakens the lightness of the body and the kindness of the spirit. The mood guides the choice of practice and playlist to find calm, reconnect the heart, discover aromatherapy or start the day with energy. Letting go is the best way to find yourself.

Lemongrass is an idea of ​​Susy Galante and Yvonne Manzi supported by a community of called teachers #flower. Registration takes place through a monthly membership that gives free access to the entire platform, or you can purchase a specific playlist or program. Framing is scientific, anatomical, spiritual and wellness articles for a more conscious practice.

Yvonne and Susy, founder of Lemongrass, a platform dedicated to yoga and kindness.

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The mask to improve the mood

Period Face Mask. For period days and for all those times when hormones take over mood and skin quality, there is the kit Love your Faace Pack – Period for sale on The product that promises to give serenity is the rebalancing face mask formulated with Hyaluronic Acid, Green Tea, Lavender, Sage Moscatella, Zinc and White Willow. And it can also be used as a primer under make-up.

We are faace is registered in the initiative Buy One Give One of Hey Girls to provide support to those who need it: for every Tired Faace Mask sold, FAACE donates a kit of menstrual cycle products to women who have no resources to buy them.

The face mask for the days of the cycle from Faace for sale at

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Eco massage

Pranamat ECO is a massage set for use at home. Relieves muscle tension, relieves headaches and migraines before they start, and eases the pain. A massage before bed helps sleep well at night. Pranamat ECO it also reduces it stress and anxiety, improves concentration, and can be used as often as needed.

Pranamat ECO is a family business, founded in 2009 in Northern Europe, in Riga, Latvia. A brand that is dedicated to the health and happiness of people and the planet.

ECO by nature. It is not only the label that is green because every decision that is made by the company is faithful to the green philosophy. Only renewable materials and developed processes are used zero waste.

In 2014, the European Union supported one clinical study on the advantages of the unique and patented design. All information is based on searches is Education certificates. Not only that: a trial period of 30 days (but hardly anyone has used it at the moment).

Clean supplements

The secret of supplements Naturadika is in the formulation, composed only of the highest quality active ingredients, in optimal concentrations, to ensure the best possible results.

B-BEAUTY COMPLEX: a unique formula with scientifically tested ingredients that intensely nourishes hair, skin and nails. Guarantees an anti-hair loss effect, stimulates growth, strengthens and illuminates, thanks to specific plant ingredients including dry bamboo extract, vitamins C and E and AnaGainTM Nu, an innovative active ingredient based on concentrated extract of sprouts of Pea, rich in L-Arginine, Biotin and Isoflavones.

Naturadika studies clean compositions in which each ingredient is totally natural, necessary and with proven effectiveness. Supplements are free of sugar, lactose, gluten, dyes, GMOs, chemical additives and magnesium stearate.

APHRODITE SENSATION: It is the supplement for female well-being that thanks to the combination of 4 incredible plant extracts brings various benefits that allow you to live your femininity fully and in harmony. Thanks to the ultra-concentrated dry extract of Maca, this supplement stimulates, invigorates and helps reduce stress. The dry extract of Tribolo offers an energizing effect by increasing vitality and reducing the feeling of tiredness. Concentration and mood are improved through the presence of Sensoril®, a patented ingredient based on Ashwgandha extract, which boasts the highest withanolides concentration on the market (10%). In addition, saffron stimulates desire and counteracts the symptoms of PMS.

All Naturadika supplements are produced in laboratories with ISO 22000 and GMP certification and are regularly subjected to double quality control: the first at the end of the production process and the second at an independent laboratory. Each product is authorized by the ministries of health in France, Italy, Germany and Spain and passes public health checks every year. Additionally, most Naturadika supplements are vegan and certified by The Vegetarian Society of the United Kingdom.

The company employs an international and multidisciplinary team of wellness and natural beauty experts and enthusiasts who travel to every corner of the world in search of the purest plants and minerals to develop supplements. 100% natural. Among the active are Aloe Vera from Tanzania, ginseng from the Chinese mountains, zinc fromAlaska or fromIndia, rodiola from Siberia, cannabis from Taiwan, maritime pine from Mediterranean, maca from Andes and guarana fromAmazonia.

The detox Advent calendar

While waiting for Christmas, Pukka, in collaboration with My Cooking Box, has created the Advent calendar dedicated to wellness. A little house dressed up with 24 drawers that hold an exclusive selection of natural and organic infusions accompanied by an artisan biscuit. A sensory journey to calm the mind and purify from 1 to 24 December.

The Advent calendar signed by Pukka and My Cooking Box with organic herbal teas and artisanal shortbread.

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