Always focused on tailor made garments designed to withstand the great cold of the North and dedicated to the most adventurous personalities, today Canada Goose further expands the possibilities to define your own style by adding a personal touch to the finished product. The luxury outwear brand, in fact, has recently launched a brand new one customization service which allows you to make each garment unique and original. The initiative, active in selected Canada Goose stores globally and in Milan boutique in via della Spiga 18, covers a wide selection of parkas, lightweight down jackets and accessories, including gloves and masks. The possibilities, of course, are many, and range from the classic monogram to geographical coordinates of a special place, up to the label with the name of the owner and the indications of manufacture. In short, you just have to choose which pieces to focus on and the type of customization. We have selected some options here to give you an idea.

The types of customization proposed

The custom application designed by the brand is available in a laser cut black or silver reflective variant. Imprinted on the garment through a laser heat-sealing process, the customization is to be considered permanent and can be applied in a specific point of the garment of your choice. For jackets, the positioning can be on the shoulder, collar, sleeve and internal and external pockets, while for accessories, on the top or cuff of the glove or on the side of the mask. The options to select? We reveal them to you here.

  • Monogram: 2 – 3 characters, letters or numbers
  • Coordinates: longitude and latitude of a place
  • Monogram and coordinates: combination of the two
  • Box: frame with monogram or coordinates
  • This Jacket Belongs To: label applied to the inside pocket of the parka specifying the name of the owner
  • Made in Canada: homage to Canada Goose’s commitment to Canadian manufacturing
  • Production Label: aligned with the inner label, indicates the style name, style number, size, color and cut number, a unique identifier used in production

But that’s not all. The new customization tool also coincides with the launch of special finishes for the hood. Now, in fact, it is possible to extend the coverage and protection of each hood with elegant interchangeable linings, useful for giving more shelter on the windiest days and perfect for renewing the look of your jacket.

Canada Goose parkas, down jackets and accessories to customize

  1. 1

    PBI Expedition Parka
    The Expedition PBI model is Canada Goose’s original parka, designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and developed for scientists working at McMurdo Station in the Antarctic region. Furthermore, thanks to the partnership with Polar Bears International, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of this item supports the research of the organization, committed to the conservation of polar bear habitats.

  2. 2

    Abbott down jacket with hood
    One of Canada Goose’s absolute best sellers, this hooded jacket is designed to withstand the strongest winds, light rain and snow. Foldable in its own pocket, the Abbott model is perfect for traveling. The snug, padded hood adds extreme comfort while the reflective details on the back improve visibility in low light conditions.

  3. 3

    Black Disc Mask
    Made of two-layer polycotton to ensure greater breathability, the Black Disc goggle offers comfort and protection for all the essential outings. Particularly light, it is characterized by the exclusive elastic band with Canada Goose logo and by the adjustable straps that allow a perfect adaptation to the face, guaranteeing comfort even if worn all day.

PBI Expedition Parka © Canada Goose

Abbott © Canada Goose down hooded jacket

Black Disc Mask © Canada Goose

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