THE curly hair I’m an element of “diversity“. A concept from which the world of beauty is inspired in order to represent and celebrate all women, each with its own peculiarity and uniqueness. And curly hair is a feature that deserves to be enhanced. Moreover, they are not all the same, there are different types, “diversity” with different needs on the basis of which to choose styling and cut.

What curly hair needs

“Curly hair needs to extra hydration. They require maintenance, but when they are healthy and well defined they dress beautifully, they are a much sought after beauty element “, explains Mario Firriolor, Wella Hair Stylist and owner of Firriolo salon with two shops in the heart of Turin. “Mario was one of the first in Italy to conceive the multifunctional salon, where beauty, aesthetics and fashion complement each other to meet all needs.

For Mario Firriolo the beauty is creativity. Enemy of standardization, precursor of styles and fashions of the future, with his touch he manages to maximize the charm and personality of every woman. Through the synergy of technique, innovation and creative passion, it gives brightness to every face.

“Let yourself be seduced by the power of curly hair, thanks to their volume and variety you can create truly explosive looks”.

The treatment starts from cut: “I advise not to cut them too much because you risk changing volumes and proportions. Personally, I love touching curls in all their density, which is why I prefer medium-long cuts. Shorts are more difficult to carry and require a lot of maintenance at home. ”The color has its specific application. “To achieve various lightening effects, it is better to divide the hair into large locks and it is important not to lighten only the ends because you risk obtaining an unpleasant stained effect”.

For luxurious curls, the difference ishaircare. “The goal of curly hair styling can be summarized in: hydration, elimination of frizz, shine and definition. Yes to leave-in conditioners on towel-dried hair to hydrate and draw the shape of the ring. To smooth the texture, apply the product with your hands and then dry the hair with the diffuser. At the beginning I recommend not touching the locks to give compactness, when the curls have taken shape, then I complete the definition with the help of my hands “.

The right cut according to the type of hedgehog

Curly hair differs in density, thickness and texture. “The cut is defined taking into account these characteristics, to which are added the needs and style of each woman”, says Mario.

Fine curls: “On this type of hedgehog the fringe, paired with a medium cut like the bob. The fringe, to be left natural, gives roundness to very elongated and angular faces “.

The model Mica Arganaraz.

© Bennett Raglin

Very dense curls: “It’s the afro-textured curls, like those of Tina Kunakey. In this case the fringe would become unmanageable, I rather recommend a medium-long cut with little scaling in order not to have excessive volume at the roots and too much roundness of shapes “.

Dense curls: “This type of hedgehog needs to be lightened. We use the tricotage technique, but in moderation, because the very thin hair is likely to wrinkle “.

Curly bangs: “As we said it looks good on fine hair, but also on normal hair. A great example is actress Greta Ferro’s cut wearing a bob with bangs. The best bob for curly hair is slightly shorter in the back and longer in the front, so that the strands never reach above the chin ”.

© Stephane Cardinale – Corbis

Products for curly hair:

NUTRICURLS Curls Curlixir Balm. A light hold leave-in balm, ideal for curly hair that is difficult to manage.

Eimi Boost Bounce Mousse. 72H definition mousse: defines, gives brightness and volume. Ideal for those who want a finish with a volumizing effect.

Sebastian Twisted Curl Reviver Spray. The final touch to bounce curls thanks to the Flexi Alg ™ Complex which gives elasticity.

Eimi CurlShaperCream-gel. To obtain a curl with a crunchy and voluminous effect.

NUTRICURLS Waves Shampoo. Sulfate free for a lighter texture.

NUTRICURLS Waves Curls Mask. An intensive nourishment to regulate waves and curls with an anti-frizz effect.

Sebastian Twister Curl Magnifier Cream. It gives definition to curls without weighing them down. The Flexi Alg ™ Complex fights the frizz effect.

NUTRICURLS Curls Shampoo. Moisturizes curls with an anti-frizz effect.

NUTRICURLS Waves Curl Conditioner – It only takes 30 seconds to achieve lightness and handling. It has an instant action ideal for all wavy and curly hair that need a light detangling.

Eimi Fresh Up. Reviving spray for curly hair with anti-frizz effect.

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