You return to the undisputed catchphrase of makeup. We talk about black eyepencil, of course, but this time with one more tip: the black inner eye pencil. It serves to attract attention, even under the mask, and in a certain sense it serves to break that minimalism that has distinguished us throughout 2020. The black pencil is a subtle form of rebellion, it is also worn inside to increase the intensity of the gaze.

If you think about it it’s the only trick capable of change the eye shape – whatever shape you have – and to make the look even more sensual than it can be nuanced, with shadows for those with small ones, or the effect can be a bit edgy, with a clear and full-bodied line that stretches.

The important thing is to play with proportions, without forgetting that distinctive final touch, which is now the stylistic signature of every make-up. The black pencil thus becomes the new essential tool. There are all types, from ultra-pigmented to that kajal, from soft to waterproof: we have selected 10 eyepencil to try in the gallery. All different but with the same goal: to use the black inner eye pencil, to have a bold, powerful, in short, unforgettable look.

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