What are the best face creams, but also serums and masks? And above all, WHERE do they come from? It all started with the K-beauty who saw us stocking up on fabric masks and dedicating ourselves to a routine in 10 step similar to that followed by the girls of Seoul. Then it was the turn of Sweden and surroundings end up in the center of attention of beauty addict also thanks to undeniably very chic minimalist packs. For some time, however, the wind has changed and seems to have brought a real one nouvelle vague of independent Italian brands capable of mixing flawlessly innovative formulas and quality ingredients with a fresh and very cool aesthetic. Finally, the hunt for the latest discoveries of beauty will not see us forced to shop on the other side of the world.

May our country be leader in the production of cosmeticsin fact, this is nothing new: more than 60% of the make-up made for brands beauty most important in the world is made right here by us. A savoir faire unique that has seen us engaged in the creation of the best face creams and products of excellence even if mainly behind the scenes. Now though Something is changed and i Made in Italy projects which have as their focus the creation of artisanal creams and soins that are both effective and respectful of the planet. Davines, which since the 1980s has been a point of reference for those who focus on the synergy between science and nature, can be considered a pioneer of what is now an important trend. Which has seen the birth of very interesting projects.

The Prime Numbers

The references of I Numeri Primi

© Pietro Scordo

The brand was born from the experience of the Galeffi family, who in 1763 opened the Antica Farmacia in Montevarchi, in the heart of Tuscany. The line, strictly vegan and certified by Aiab, includes a range of products formulated with technologically advanced procedures starting from medicinal plants, essential oils and active ingredients of plant origin. All references are enclosed in packs made with a special glass able to guarantee the best conservation e 100% recycled paper.


Cleansing Gel, Hydraring Serum and N ° 3 Day Cream by Imersa

Sericin and fibroína they are proteins with exceptional moisturizing, elasticizing and protective properties, characteristics that make them a real one elixir for the skin. Processed in the laboratories of the brand, which with a special process keeps the structure intact, they are the basis of the new formulas that enhance the natural antiallergic, elasticizing and protective properties of silk and its derivatives. An innovative approach yet linked to the rhythms of nature, for a range that focuses on the well-being of the skin through hydration.


Perfidia Tone Defender face cream


The story of Fidia Farmaceutici began in 1946 when the brand develops therapeutic solutions to respond in an innovative way to the challenges of health and well-being. The first turning point takes place nn 1963 when Fidia presented the first product based on hyaluronic acid soon acquiring the leadership in research, technological development and production. Today the company boasts over 1,100 patents covering hyaluronic acid with different molecular weights and its applications.


Pure Lift Elastin & Collagen by FaceD

A contemporary dermocosmetics, born from the intuition of Chiara Sormani to respond in a smart and fast way to the daily needs of the skin, from cleansing on. The result? Quality products rigorously Made in Italy, scientifically tested, which offer effective solutions for the daily routine. With an eye also to the environment given that the brand is new pack free: on the FaceD.com site it is in fact possible to choose to purchase products without packaging and leaflet. One way to reduce waste, starting with packaging.

Taba Skincare

Nourishing face cream from TABA

The name means “cannabis” in the language Yoruba and it is also the acronym of “Treatment, All skin types, Botanicals and Advanced“. And it is precisely at the incredible properties anti-inflammatory and antioxidants of the CBD Oil which was inspired by Dunia Algiers, famous for her knitwear of quality, which has decided to create a line of skincare with the aim of improving the skin thanks to a powerful mix of natural ingredients also effective on acne and imperfections.


Insìum beauty mask

Formulas free of irritants, potentially harmful to the skin and the environment, vegan and cruelty free: they mix scientifically advanced biotechnological ingredients and natural active ingredients. Masks, serums and lotions created by the Friulian company use the exclusivity Insìum Booster Complex that offers action global anti-aging thanks to innovative active ingredients such as Neuroguard ™, an ingredient of marine origin that, by restoring healthy communication between nerves and firboblasts, prevents skin aging and the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines

Now Beauty

Rebalancing Micellar Gel (cleanser and makeup remover) by Ora

A simple routine, fast and effective made of products that can be used at any time and are designed for those who are always in a hurry. The line, created by three sisters, bases its philosophy on the importance of time as a resource to be exploited “now”. Three steps to glowing and healthy skin: the rebalancing butchery gel, which cleanses and removes make-up in a single gesture, the multi-protection mask and the regenerating cream.

Opera Honey

Opera Honey neck and décolleté oil, nourishing face cream and moisturizing face serum

Born as a manufacturer of honey, in 2020 decides to create a cosmetic line able to exploit the benefits of the golden elixir in favor of the skin, bringing the public closer to a reality in which the respect for bees and environmental care go hand in hand. The range for now includes three references: a moisturizing face serum, a neck and décolletée oil and a nourishing cream.

I love myself

“Healthy Skin System”, a protocol designed to have a healthy skin: this is the mission of the pharmaceutical brand of skincare functional that offers treatments that respect skin physiology. Ingredients and treatments are in fact subjected to rigorous clinical tests that minimize the risk of allergies and intolerances and aim to treat common but difficult problems such as dark spots, psoriasis, couperse, dermatitis is folliculitis.

Honieh Beauty

Soft Cloud Face Cleansing Mousse, Light Me Up Illuminate Serum, Deep Detox Nutritive Face Mask and Any Weekday Moisturizing Cream by Honieh Beauty

Serums, masks, moisturizers but not only: respectful of the environment, green is vegans. Born from the belief of Erika Boldrin, founder of the brand, that health also passes through the products we apply every day on the skin. Free of silicones, synthetic perfume, dyes and phthalates, they are certified by Aiab, an association that guarantees that the ingredients used in cosmetics derive from natural sources and are environmentally friendly.


Rose tonic from Damsco di Lalì

Born in 2018 from the dream of Daniela and Sara, friends and colleagues of Cinecittà Studios, the line contains more than 98% ingredients of natural origin and uses pure and organic raw materials of the highest quality. Made in Italy also in its design, it boasts the graphics of Laura Savina, illustrator and graphic designer.


Eye contour, skin perfector, face oil, preventive face cream, purifying face cream, moisturizing face mask, purifying face mask, anti-aging cream, niacinamide booster, retinol booster, hyaluronic acid booster by SkinFirst

Born from the experience of the cosmetologist and pharmacist Maria Pia Prior, passionate about beauty with a very popular Instagram page, follows a scientific approach at the same time attentive to the sensory properties of creams and serums. On the brand’s website you will find a practical test that will guide you in choosing the right routine for your own skin type.


Anti Age Cream from the GOLD line by ILAIRE

Pharmacist by profession, the founder Ilaria she dreamed of creating products for care and beauty, capable of bringing out the most hidden and special side in every woman. His research leads to gold, caviar, pearl powder and gems with which creams for aesthetic medicine come to life that live with the precious elements of nature. An example is the Gold line which includes the anti-aging cream enriched with nanoparticles of 24k gold which improve cell biosynthesis and give tone and hydration.


Body cleanser and face cleanser with Biancamore buffalo milk

It all starts with milk, the buffalo milk produced in Paestum. Its moisturizing, nourishing and soothing properties have been put at the service of a line of skincare suitable for all types of skin and in particular the most sensitive and reactive. Not just creams, though: the brand also includes a line of comfortwear made starting from a particular milk fiber, casein, which makes T-shirts, trousers and tunics very soft and ecofriendly.

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