TV series to see in February 2021

The month of love on streaming platforms it is not only tinged with hearts, romance and sighs. In February, the serial menu proves to be more varied than ever. Sure, 23 lands on Disney + the whole Star library, which includes classic movies and TV, but also new entries such as Love, Victor (23), but most of the other upcoming projects keep away from the couple’s life.
On the one hand there are the welcome returns with the second seasons of For all mankind, the space drama starring Joel Kinnaman (19 on AppleTV +); Pennyworth, the story of Batman’s butler (28 on Starzplay) and the Spanish thriller Hache (5 on Netflix). On the other hand, however, we find some intriguing news, from El Internado: las Cumbres (19 on Amazon Prime Video) to the comedy The Crew (15 on Netflix).
The binge-watching of the TV series of February 2021, therefore, could take on a bittersweet flavor, an intimate form, but without big jolts or suspense. We keep the adrenaline for the arrival of spring, which promises to be really explosive, at least on the serial front. But in the meantime, here are five series to watch this month.

1. The summer we learned to fly (Netflix)

The summer we learned to fly


Katherine Heigl (Izzie of Grey’s Anatomy) hasn’t made its mark recently for epic roles on the small screen, quite the opposite. After the parenthesis from queen of romantic comedies, we try again with the adaptation of the homonymous novel by Kristin Hannah: “The summer in which we learned to fly” arrives on Netflix on February 3rd and tells of a friendship that goes through various stages in life. The actress plays Tully, a successful professional for a network, but she carries with her the wounds of the past. Her best friend Kate (Sarah Chalke) is the exact opposite: not at all outgoing and confident, she navigates tender awkwardness and has as ex-husband Ryan (Ben Lawson), a colleague of Tully. These two have been neighbors since the age of thirteen and soon become inseparable, but as adults a betrayal creeps into their relationship and estranges them, although perhaps not forever.

2. Soulmates (Amazon Prime Video)

Soulmates, from February 8 on Amazon Prime Video, is one of the few tv series dedicated to love in this February. As well as Modern Love, also in this case we are faced with an anthological project with different characters in each episode but still linked to a common theme. Here it is a test that in the near future – to be exact in 15 years – will allow human beings to establish with a simple test not a compatibility but the absolute certainty about the identity of their soul mate. Already renewed for a second season (the first consists of 6 episodes), the series elaborates the relational problems that then arise from such a discovery, namely the insecurity about the choice of the better half or the pain for the disappearance of a loved one. Also in the cast Bill Skarsgard (Mateo) and David Costabile (Billions).

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3. Big Sky (Disney +)

Ryan Philippe is back on TV with another thrilling adventure, Big Sky (from February 23 on Disney +). Created by David E. Kelley, husband of Michelle Pfeiffer and prolific serial author (from Ally McBeal to Big little lies to the recent The Undoing), the project is based on the novel “The Highway” by CJ Box. The “Cruel Intentions” actor here plays the role of a former cop, Cody, now the owner of a detective agency along with Cassie (Kylie Bunbury), who teams up with ex-wife and former colleague Jenny (Katheryn Winnick) for a case of disappearance of a minor. Two sisters were in fact kidnapped on a remote Montana highway, but the mystery deepens when the first searches reveal that other women have disappeared in the area. High tension, twists and turns and inexplicable cover-ups are the main ingredients of a classic detective.

4. Ginny & Giorgia (Netflix)

The two protagonists of the title in the Netflix series available from February 24 are not two friends, but – respectively – daughter and mother, a bit like the Gilmore Girls. The first, Ginny (played by Antonia Gentry), is a teenager destabilized by the constant removals imposed by her mother Giorgia (Brianne Howley). The much-needed stability finally arrives when the two decide to put roots in New England, but bringing with it the typical ones teenage dramas and generational clashes. In ten episodes, however, we will discover the secrets of the past that the protagonists tried so desperately to bury or sow …

5. Tribes of Europa (Netflix)

In a dystopian future which seems more catastrophic than the current one, Tribes of Europe (from February 19 on Netflix) stages another political apocalypse assuming a fragmentation of the states of the Old Continent into tribes in fratricidal struggle among themselves for supremacy. It is the year 2074 and the mysterious appearance of a cube alerts three brothers who find themselves in the midst of this epic disaster. This science fiction story made in Germany stars Kiano (Emilio Sakraya), Liv (Henriette Confurius) and Elija (David Ali Rashed). The details of these six episodes are shrouded in mystery but, according to the first images, the look is reminiscent a mixture of Hunger Games and Maze Runner, where in fact the fate of the world – or a part of it – is in the hands of the young and promising generations.

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