With permission from Instagram – the main showcase of viral trends in 2021 – sometimes the best spring summer nail inspirations come from the fashion shows. The most sensational example? Rouge Noir by Chanel, a red – almost black – nail polish that experienced its moment of glory a few days after its creator, Heidi Morawetz, make-up director of the Maison in 1994, created a very special red by mixing the two colors for the spring summer 1995 fashion show. Legend has it that even the same Madonna commissioned several bottles of this nail polish after seeing it in the fashion show. And the data confirm the phenomenon: there was one waiting list to get it and has become one of the most sought-after products in Chanel’s history. In fact, it also treasures a cinephile anecdote since the famous nails of Uma Thurman in pulp Fiction they were made up with this nail polish.

Having said that, and after seeing the great importance that nails have had in fashion shows Haute Couture SS 2021, we come to the conclusion that these 6 spring summer nail trends will be the ones that we will want to wear non-stop this spring.

Minimal French manicure

Agree: version hair wet with Murano glass accessories seen at the fashion show of Fendi were certainly protagonists of the week. It must be said, however, that even the minimal version of the French manicure that all the models have worn is, without a doubt, one of those trends that we will all follow. Its secret? The “classic” bezel thin and white on the edge but applied to nails much more short and square, suitable for everyone *.

© Daniele La Malfa / Cortesía de Fendi

Long live the white nail polish

We have already been talking about the benefits of some colors for a lifting effect on the hands – translucent pink and white tones with the power to optically rejuvenate fingers & Co. – and 2021 will confirm the trend. In fact, these are the nuances chosen by Peter Philips and his Dior make-up team, who have focused on natural nails that are extremely capable of rejuvenating the appearance of the hands. By the way, Philips himself said the secret of this nude manicure was an iconic nail polish of the house: Dior Vernis Muguet.

Red, red, red

Classics who never die and who have the approval of Linda Cantello and her make-up team Giorgio Armani Privé. Red, when paired with short and square nails, is eternal, but it looks like this spring / summer 2021 will have its particular moment of glory. Furthermore, if we consider that the beauty look of the show was inspired by the story of Orsini Palace everything takes on more meaning (and romance).

© Cortesía de Armani Privé

French manicure extreme version

From Schiaparelli everything is extreme, aesthetic, artistic and stimulating. Therefore, the proposed French manicure had to have these characteristics. Hence the return of XL nails, almond shaped, and in nude colors.

© Cortesía de Schiaparelli

© Cortesía de Schiaparelli

Natural (but super shiny) nails

There Japanese manicure, the one that aims to emphasize the natural shine of the nail, is one of the trends of 2021. Let’s refer to the tests: the new brand of Alber Elbaz, AZ Factory, is also betting on its Haute Couture spring summer 2021 show for minimal nails, enhanced with just a touch of brilliance, the kind we used continuously in the early 2000s.

© Cortesía de AZ Factory

3D manicure

That acrylic manicures are in trend is nothing new. Ask to Rosalía, who in his latest video with Billie Ellish (Lo vas to olvidar), made them even more popular. It seems that high fashion has also fallen in love with this trend. We saw it at the fashion show of Iris Van Herpen, with a 3D shaped manicure exoskeleton signed Eichi Matsunaga.

© Gio Staiano / Cortesía de Iris Van Herpen

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