Is called Noor: The Beauty Shop and it is in fact this: an e-commerce where to shop. Beauty, of course. That’s it, okay, but that’s not all. In fact, Noor has a curious, cosmopolitan and attentive soul. At the latest trends sure, but also to the ingredients, to the textures (“In Italy they are important”, you will find out shortly), but also to the new generations.

Founding Noor is a woman who discovers, buys and tests – yes that’s right, we asked her! – all the products that it then offers on the site. Is called Francesca Lombardi, you can see it in the photo below. We interviewed her.

Francesca Lombardi, founder of NOOR

© Elena Rosignoli

How was NOOR: The Beauty Shop born?

NOOR was born after a long courtship towards the skincare, which lasted almost half of my years (it must be said). I graduated in Business Economics and I spent the next 20 years as core organizational and administrative in a prestigious Italian medical reality, with clinics of specialists in plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine. It is there that I refined my great passion by breathing deeply the skills of doctors, cosmetologists and beauty specialist, above all it is in this “environment” that I listened to and collected the wishes and needs of the patients; here slowly the NOOR project matured and I decided to open one shop window to offer to skincare addicted the fruit of my research.

Noor: The Beauty Shop – Homepage

Backed by a team of qualified specialists and presenting an interesting catalog built through a careful and targeted research to select the best Indie Beauty Brand scattered around the world and united by philosophy Clean Beauty. NOOR materializes at the end 2017 and two cosmetologists support me in the realization of the Skin Test which is now on the site. Thanks to their contribution, I have clarified some doubts and dispelled many clichés of the beauty world that alas still stand out.

Noor: The Beauty Shop – Skin Test

Perhaps this is also why I chose the name NOOR: a Arabic term meaning light, beauty that shines… NOOR wants to be a safe place where those who look out are aware that they are buying the best products “Clean and Safe“Or clean and safe, with an approach transparent, authentic and aware of cosmetics, where good chemistry is at home and the technological component is advanced, the textures are pleasant and the standards of effectiveness are high.

How do you manage in a sea of ​​products and news? How do you choose the brands that will then be the protagonists of noor?

Every brand I acquire gives me emotion, costs me time (and so often, I save my private), and a lot patience (I learned to count to one hundred and breathe by doing ooooohmmm). They tell me I’m a bit strange in this … But I never ask the brands to sample products, I buy them, for fear of having to say “I don’t like your product”.

I know how demanding is the work of developing a beauty product, the achievement of the right formula and the research behind it. Basically, if a brand arouses my curiosity, I buy products from their site (I don’t mind the country of origin) and if I like them, I contact them to open a negotiation, alas, not always easy … Especially for bureaucratic constraints (e.g. registering products on the European portal). In mine do you travel (how much I miss them!) I was always trying to find particular brands and test them, I must say today Instagram it allows me to travel virtually and discover new entrepreneurial realities.

I don’t like the intermediation of an Italian distributor, I love the direct relationship with i founder, some have even become friends… This is why I often talk to them about NOOR’s family. Above all, I love brands with a soul, with a “true” story to tell. We share common beauty philosophies and visions.

Noor: The Beauty Shop – Testing Box

4/5 products / brands that you recommend because they are innovative / special?

  1. 1

    African Botanics, one of the first brands included in NOOR together with Argentum Aphotecary. Both brands have a common denominator for all products, a particular ingredient. L’Marula oil in the first case and theColloidal Silver In the second. So brands designed and created used an active that has “taken care” in primis of the founder, who thrilled them so much that they studied them and created a skincare line

  2. 2

    Plenaire because it is the brand designed for and by generation Z. Generation that is already setting the rules in skincare: in pack (eco-sustainable and “beautiful” or better instagrammable) in the formulas (green light for multitasking products … few products but multipurpose and possibly no gender). I am constantly looking for brands designed for the “Z”, because the demand in Italy will become more and more consistent

  3. 3

    Oskia London who has developed a skincare line based on the “Beauty MineralOr MSM – an organic compound of sulfur – why not help our skin to regenerate by integrating specific elements, which we can already find in the body, combined and enhanced with minerals and vitamins to give active and concrete support to the cells? There Nutraceuticals applied to beauty.

Pure Marula Oil from African Botanics

La Potion Infinie anti-aging treatment by Argentum Aphotecary

Rose Jelly Gentle Makeup Remover by Plenaire

SUPER 16 Advanced Nutri-Active Collagen Serum by OSKIA London

Do you try everything on the site?

Absolutely yes, not only … I also let friends, mom and sister try it out to get more opinions. I certainly don’t evaluate the performance first, for that it takes time, but the texture and fragrance (still very important detail for the Italian market).

What is the fastest growing country on the beauty side?

I must say that Italy is doing its part, even if trends are always welcomed by us years later. Certainly the pandemic has favored the growth of skincare compared to make-up (even the young side). In my opinion anyway Germany, France and the UK they are steps forward compared to us Italians, especially for skin care. And I always have an eye for the Scandinavian countries… Here they are often born and arrive new beauty trends.

Could you identify 2/3 beauty trends that will be the protagonists of 2021?

  • Certainly the pandemic has favored a growth in “holistic beauty“here is an increase in requests for products that allow real beauty rituals within the home: see bath salts”detox” of Pursoma, body oils ForPurr and much more demand for face and hair masks
  • The Italian beauty market will see the world of beauty tools either because of the reduced possibility of frequenting beauticians, who are open to fits and starts, or because of the longer time available. So they find out jade rollers, gua sha and quartz eye masks together with self-massage (finally) in applying skincare products
  • In the USA and in the Nordic countries they have been talking about it for a while and very interesting brands are circulating and I believe that the Intimate Cosmetics. A kind of “Vagina Facial“To do at home, with targeted products such as oils and lotions to heal the mucous membrane of the area and relax the pelvic floor muscles, without neglecting an antibacterial and anti-odor action on the vulva. So one intimate skincare accurate that goes hand in hand with the usual intimate hygiene
  • I repeat myself but definitely strong growth of all brands designed by and for Generation Z. Plenaire is an English brand, created by Namrata Kamdar interacting with a group of kids. Therefore listening to their needs, their expectations and having them test the formulas directly. Result: eco-sustainability from formulas to packs, inclusiveness and products multitasking the prerogatives of the young “Z”. These features will certainly be a trend.

Après Savasana Soak by Pusoma

DETOX Purifying Oil by PerPurr

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