The theme of mental wellbeing and neurodiversity it has always been very dear to the royal family. A theme that, given the importance and the attention it arouses in royals, is approached with attention and with a depth appropriate to its importance.

Further proof, if anything were needed, came from Kate Middleton who wanted to send a video message in the Week of Children’s Mental Health Week (held from 1 to 7 February). There Duchess of Cambridge recorded a videoselfie focusing on a topic that usually, and naturally, takes a back seat: the mental and physical well-being of parents and caregivers who are faced with the issue of pediatric mental pathology.

“This is an extremely busy time for all of us, so please take care of yourself too. Find a way to share your thoughts and feelings or find someone to talk to. because we really need to be the best version of ourselves for our children. “

A video message that “breaks” part of the Royal Family label in which selfies (or self-portraits) are explicitly banned but also the best way to communicate from parent to parent, without filters and mediations. A choice that, once again, tells of Kate Middleton’s sensitivity and incredible empathic ability.

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