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Remember Oscar Wilde when he admitted he could resist anything but temptation? Ok, Valentine’s day approaches and it is normal, in thehoroscope in February, talking about love and also about sex, in short, about that energy that can make everything less a little less logical or obvious (what is the beauty of life?). Temptations that make us come to terms with the heart, that push us to take some risks to move the present (with the okay of the planets).
Which signs will be able to tempt you, which will be able to capture your senses? What other components of the zodiac will make you feel butterflies in your belly with small heart-shaped escapes? Here is the verdict of the stars.


February is a month made of planets that hope, that make you think of everything that will be. You will enjoy doing it perhaps together with the Bull, because your Mars (read: your best energy) inhabits and moves right in that sign, so it will be easy for you to flirt with a bull-like partner. Alternatively, indulge in the pampering of a Aquarium, because the presence of Venus in that sign will make it the complementary energy to yours, the ideal companion.


Throughout February, Mars will be a constant and uninterrupted invitation to eros, to that important need to experience the physicality of the relationship as protagonists. Definitely with it Scorpio you will be able to express all the Martian force that now pervades you, that lives close to you. A valid alternative will be i Fishes, because they will know how to entertain you but relaxing you, dampening tensions and fatigue that should not affect the heart.

Gigi Hadid, Taurus, and Zayn Malik, Capricorn


In February, Gemini will be constantly stimulated and motivated by the many planets in trine, by all those energies of the Air signs that will really allow you to experience special, unique things. In love, bet on a Lion to balance enthusiasm and vital forces, not to be too detached. Or you aspire to a very serious one Capricorn, a sign that it will be able to compensate for the (too much) lightness of the air making you more concrete.


Finally relieved of all those challenges that have often made your 2020 unbreathable, now Cancer breathes a sacrosanct beauty, harmony, freedom of emotion. Something particularly easy to share with theAries, a sign that like you he will appreciate the new architectures of his heart. But also good with one Weight scale in the mood to have fun, to give shape to that Venus that has hidden itself, to that grace that says softly.

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You know, February will be a very delicate month for Leo, made up of a thousand oppositions and as many challenges, a time that will never leave you completely in peace. In short, you deserve to live at least a good intimacy with those who, on the contrary, seem to be calm, with those who are not involved in too many situations. For example, a Cancer, sweet, light and very affectionate. But if you are still looking for strong emotions then bet on Sagittarius, about who is made of fire, just like you.


In this period there are many planets that are hiding, that do not talk to you, that sometimes make you feel a little lonely. For this you need someone who knows how to create a project around you, thus bringing you closer to the future, tickling your attention. The two signs that might turn you on more easily will be Cancer is aquarium: the first because it will make you feel human warmth up close, the second because it will broaden your horizons.

Amal Alamuddin, Aquarius, and George Clooney, Taurus

© Clemens Bilan

Weight scale

Sometimes there is a need to dialogue, to make everything more logical and understandable, even if and when it comes to passion. The fact is that now you cannot be satisfied with random things, perhaps because there are too many promises that the planets make to you. True, Mercury (star of ideas) just does not work and does not give precise answers (it will not do so until February 21st), however pairing you with two signs such as Gemini and Virgo – who are children of this planet – everything will be easier.


In this period, Mars – opposite and restless – ignites within you the need for many hot moments, to share an intense, important experience with someone. Try doing it with one Weight scale, because the Venusian component of the sign will make everything balanced, never excessive. Alternatively (and if you feel like feeling completely free) a partner Fishes could give you great satisfaction, make you feel at your best.


You are really in the mood to cultivate dialogue, to enter the hearts and minds of others. Of course, the planetary concentration in February is a very clear invitation to discuss, to interact with everyone, but you will also want and need those who give you satisfaction, who don’t leave you too disappointed. Welcome i Gemini, opposite and complementary sign, with which you will be able to build a good understanding. Or a hot one Lion, always on the hunt for (strong) distractions.

Kate Moss, Capricorn, and Johnny Depp, Gemini


You are really looking for something that knows how to distract you, that takes you away from boredom, that never makes you feel too obvious. Mars, the star of eros, will be what you are really looking for, what you can perhaps find in a Aries (a very hot lover made above all of energy), or in a Bull physical and carnal, a sign that it now houses the wishing star. You just have to choose, seducing who you like, doing it seriously.


Yours is said to be the least passionate, least interested in love and its accessories (and that’s partly true), but not this year. Because the feasting of planets in Aquarius (there are so many!) Will make you feel very special, more than ever willing to take something important from you. If you are in the mood to overdo it then do it with one Scorpio, probably the perfect accomplice of incandescent nights. If you also need to think, here is that Virgin will complete you.


You feel a little neglected by this sky, never too important, never quite capable of living the things that matter, including sex. Perhaps this is why if you choose the company of people who tend to be strong, tough. Maybe a Capricorn, one who is always serious, who already offers you programs and possibilities. Or a Sagittarius, because it shares with you all the love for optimism, for a way of living love that is greedy, indulgent, voluptuous.

Jessica Biel, Pisces, and Justin Timberlake, Aquarius

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