Password, sustainable fashion: the inspiration for the designer collection Namita Khade. Born in London-based Wigan, the designer launched her namesake label in 2020 through a series of exclusive garments, handmade while attending an internship year at Central Saint Martins. Khade’s work is based on essential components of visual research, linking back to her personal archive of images, which explore themes of experimentation, femininity, incisive personality and cover a rich socio-cultural heritage through a consciously sustainable lens that uses traditional dyeing techniques. An operation in search of one’s authenticity: the yarns are made to create natural textures, giving life to distinct proposals. Each piece in this sustainable fashion collection is knitted in a distinctive way, with an environmental impact zero-waste.

Namita Khade X Smriti Limbu Collaboration ‘Knickers Dress’. Model: Chiara Mottironi, Photographer: Zaineb Abelque

Khade’s goal is to achieve a fashion prototype in its purest form: the naturalness. And to understand better, just look at the materials: ecological fibers such as linen, hemp, cotton, wool and natural dyes such as coffee, turmeric, artichokes, saffron and indigo are the protagonists, moving away from the typical trend precursors. In fact, each garment can take from six to thirty hours to be created, reconciling the creative impetus towards knowing how to create with conscience. “I’m grateful that 2020 has slowed me down and, at the same time, made me reflect on my needs and values, allowing me to focus on what I want to communicate and promote in fashion,” Khade explained.

© Clip Tunic Top, Model: Georgina D’Silva, Shot by Georgina D’Silva

“In the world of design there are too many pressures and expectations for us emerging designers, who are induced to produce excessively to stay afloat in the sector. I always acknowledge that I work at my own pace, as consumers are often unaware of the creation processes, the work, the craftsmanship and the time things take. I’d like to share this process a little more. I have no intention of chasing the frenetic pace of industry, striving for consumer purposes. I just want my work to be authentic to myself ”.

Maps Dress, Model: Kiki Ransom

Nothing here is taken for granted. It starts with soft knitwear that gives life to slim-fitting silhouettes, complete with gentle volumes that envelop the body, reconstructing itself in the sartorial twilight with linear shapes. We then move on to the exaltation of more modern touches, which complete the looks with surprises of proportions-disproportions that range beyond traditional archetypes. Few pieces but sophisticated in their essentiality. The proposals are completed by a perfect balance between comfort, sensuality and elegance, which gives fruit to accessories and earrings made with pearls, emphasizing transparent inserts and touches with cheerful colors, declined in fluorescent shades for a carefree and lively fashion concept.

A strictly symbolic collection free of restrictions, an indication of total anarchy that pushes women to search for themselves.

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