“The masks? They are useless. THE jade roller oi device infrared? Neither”. Paula Begoun – founder of Paula’s Choice -, still has the same critical and severe air today as 35 years ago, when Oprah Winfrey renamed it the Cosmetic’s cop of America.

Interviewed via Zoom, for the arrival in Italy of the latest news of her skincare brand, Begoun demonstrates that she still remains faithful to her idea of ​​beauty made up of a few high-performance products: “There is no point in sticking to the skin with an excessively long skincare. There are so many things we can do to use our time! There are so many pleasures to discover! ”, She replies to those who ask her if the pandemic has changed our approach to skincare or not.

Paula Begoun, founder of Paula’s Choice

On the other hand, she had already understood this 40 years ago when, after a childhood and adolescence spent fighting acne and eczema, he had decided to start doing it himself by studying the most suitable active ingredients to solve the problem: “I struggled for years with my skin problems, which I only saw getting worse with the pharmacological treatments I was given. It was a nightmare. That was the push that led me to search for truly decisive ingredients on my own“, He says. And so he begins to deal with beauty, first as a make-up artist, then as a beauticianfinally like beauty reporter for some publications. Then he has an intuition: there is a void between cosmetic companies and consumers looking for the right product, which i magazine they struggle to fill.

Imagine you are in for a moment 1985: find the review of a cosmetic is certainly not as easy as today. Thus his first book was born Blue Eye Shadow Should Be Illegal. A title that was already a whole program: a real one stance, against a cosmetic industry too often committed to convincing us that we need the superfluous. What is the difference with today? “Today is even worse. I don’t follow social media, neither Instagram nor TikTok. Those who talk about beauty often do not know the most recent studies. There is too much information! ”. They are born like this false myths and hoaxes, like those about silicones or natural at all costs that she has always been very critical of: “People should worry more about sun damage, than synthetic ingredients! “.

Three Paula’s Choice products all with sun protection (SPF)

That first book brought her media attention and her first appearances on the Oprah Winfrey. Many others will follow, including Don’t Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me, until in 1995 he finally gave life to his brand, Paula’s Choice. It will then flank this Beautypedia, the first website in the world to group over 45,000 reviews on any product in the cosmetic field. A real Bible, which still refers to millions of Americans increasingly passionate about skincare today. Basically, his far-sighted gaze had already understood that the web would change the way we orient ourselves in shopping beauty.

21 books and numerous bestsellers later, Paula’s Choice is still a favorite of skincare addict, for his essential formulas, the absence of fragrances, for sustainable packs and, of course, for highly performing active ingredients. The last in order of discovery is the cannabidiol, at the base of the two new products just arrived in Italy (on SkinShop or on www.paulaschoice.it, ed). This is the CBD Skin Transformative Treatment Milk and CBD Oil + Retinol.

CBD Skin Transformative Treatment Milk and CBD Oil + Retinol: here are the Announcements signed Paula’s Choice

CBD is an active ingredient extracted from hemp flowers (something else then compared to hemp seed oil), which in recent years has seen its use in cosmetics explode. Suffice it to say that, in 2020 Google Trend had highlighted a + 295% increase in searches for “CBD skin care”. Among its benefits are those of being able to regularize the sebum production, to rebalance the response to external stress (sun and temperature changes), working on theaging and on the uniformity of the complexion. The result is a skin that does not stretch, hydrated and luminous.

“It took three years of research to arrive at the formulas we used ”, she proudly tells herself. And when it is pointed out that cannabidiol (or CBD) is one of the strong trends in skincare in recent years, she points out that this is not a passing trend: “The benefits of cannabidiol on the body and skin are supported by numerous researches on the subject. We discovered how it is capable of communicating to skin cells to act with calmer when they are faced with external or internal factors, inviting her to find her again equilibrium“.

The result is in these two products, a milk and an oil, adaptable to the needs of all skin types. While CBD Skin Transformative Treatment Milk has texture milk-in-oil, in CBD Oil + Retinol the 150 mg of cannabidiol full-spectrum are added to the 0.5% retinol, with a formula based on natural squalane and moisturizing triglycerides, which allow it tolerability also from more sensitive skins.

The consistency of Paula’s Choice CBD Oil + Retinol

How is Paula’s Choice CBD Skin Transformative Treatment Milk present

It is therefore natural that these two products are a source of pride for the founder of Paula’s Choice: “The same happened with 2% BHA exfoliating solution, 1% retinol, which is truly unique, ceramides or boosters. The more difficult a product is, the more I am fond of it ”.

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