The story of Kamala Harris, the new vice president of the United States of America, is more than just a biographical story. It is the story of a reality, that of San Francisco. It is the story of a modus operandi, that of who listens and knows how to understand. It is the story of those who, one step at a time, one choice at a time, one story at a time, bring the experience of common living to the top of world politics.

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It is also the story of small teachings that become great strategies. All of this is what emerges from Our truths Kamala Harris’ autobiography which arrives today in Italy for La Nave di Teseo. A rich book that tells about life inside and (above all) outside the buildings, which combines photographs, memories and recipes of the mother with hearings in the Senate and battles against the banking giants. Here are five secrets of Kamala Harris which we discovered by reading his autobiography.

Kamala Harris’s mom refused an arranged marriage.

Meena Harris as a child, with mother Maya Harris (left), grandmother Shyamala Gopalan Harris (center) and aunt Kamala Harris

In Kamala Harris’ autobiography, the figure of the mother (whom she has always called “mommy”) is central. Its history is central to which the vice president has repeatedly looked at as an example of freedom and self-determination. In the first pages, in fact, you can read how Shyamala Gopalan, Kamala’s mother, after graduating from Delhi University at just 19, decided, with the support of her family, to go to Berkley to pursue a second degree. And it is precisely in Berkeley that, during a demonstration of the civil rights movement, Kamala’s mother and father met and fell in love. A love that however should not have existed: in the plans of Shyamala and his family there was the return to India after graduation for an arranged and already decided marriage (as happened to Kamala Harris’ grandparents). “Her marriage – and her decision to stay in the United States – were supreme acts of self-determination and love.” writes the vice president.

Kamala Harris became vice president (also) due to a dish of wrong cookies.

Kamala Harris Biography it is full of tasty anecdotes. In all senses. Recalling her past, the Vice President of the United States recalls the time when, as a child, she made lemon bars, shortbread cookies filled with lemon cream, to take them to her “second mom”, Mrs. Shelton. “They had come very well and I couldn’t wait to show them to others” Kamala says, recalling how, with pride, she had arrived with her cookies to let everyone taste them. Only problem? By mistake, Kamala had put salt instead of sugar. It was Mrs. Shelton who noticed it, after taking a good bite of the biscuit. Pucker your lips for the “complex” flavor, the lady nevertheless exclaimed: “It’s delicious … maybe there’s a little too much salt … but really delicious.”. That sentence, this compliment despite the mistake, made Kamala think that he had only made a mistake with a small thing within an acceptable result in his own way. A false step on a path that was nevertheless completed. “I thought I did a great job, apart from a recent mistake. It was small occasions like that that helped me build a sense of self-confidence. I thought I was capable of doing everything.”.

Kamala won the election with an ironing board and duct tape.

Fast forward: we are in the district attorney election. Kamala Harris has everything to prove, she has never campaigned, she has a whole community to convince. The method is the classic one: being there where you can find many people. And the places where many people can be found are supermarkets. The vice president recalls how, in fact, the beginning of her election campaign was characterized by an ironing board and a bit of adhesive tape. “The fact is that an ironing board works perfectly as a standing desk. I put it in front of the entrance to the supermarket, just a little to the side, next to the trolleys, and taped a sign over it it said: KAMALA HARRIS, A VOICE FOR JUSTICE. “. That electoral campaign carried out outside the supermarkets, in cold or rain, listening to people and their needs, was the way in which Kamala Harris has always waged every battle. As she recalls: “Modern campaigns are based on big data, on the analysis of data collected by computer and on sophisticated models of turnout. However, in my experience I have found that a friend, a pen and a plate of spaghetti they are just as effective. “.

Kamala Harris: Climate change is a matter of national security.

The climate change is one of the big issues that Kamala Harris has fought on as a senator and which she will fight on as vice president. And it also has a place in the memoir. Specifically, Kamala Harris stresses that climate change is not an environmental, public health or economic issue but a real imperative for national security. To explain this, she reveals some details and speeches of the heads of the army and secret services she has come into contact with in her political life.

“But when you talk to generals, when you talk to senior members of the Intelligence Community and experts in international conflicts, you realize that they see climate change as a threat to national security – a” threat multiplier “that it will exacerbate poverty and political instability, creating conditions that make violence, despair and even terrorism possible. “

Kamala Harris never mentions Donald Trump directly.

Throughout the biography, all of it, Donald Trump is never mentioned. The only time his name appears (in the form of “President Trump”) is in the mouth of Brett Kavanaugh, the harassment Senator whose reelection shocked the United States and whose Senate hearing is featured in the book. For the rest, the figure of Donald Trump it is evoked as a dark specter and his election told as a difficult time for everyone. Thinking about the day of Trump’s election (which coincided with his election to the Senate), Kamala Harris remembers her grandson Alexander who came to her in tears. “His voice trembled.” Aunt Kamala, that man can’t win. He won’t win, will he? ” Alexander’s worry broke my heart. ” A Long Silence This is perhaps the greatest truth revealed by the 351-page silence which is perhaps one of the greatest truths the book tells.

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