Lila Grace, daughter of Kate Moss, was spotted on Fendi’s haute couture SS 2021 catwalk wearing a gorgeous all-pearl dress

This is not a mere embroidery or a precious detail that pays homage to jewelry, but one clear and bright manifestation of the mastery of haute couture. About what can be done with creativity, therefore genius, and with the hands, which together have the ability to transform an idea into a concrete garment. We are talking about the pearl sun dress worn by Lila Grace, daughter of Kate Moss.

Her true ancestor is a historical garment, a mesh and beaded dress made in Ancient Egypt under the Cheops dynasty. The elite of the time loved to cover themselves with precious to demonstrate beauty and royalty; the headdresses and ruffs that adorned the looks of feast days were reserved for the priestesses. And it is precisely on the banks of the Nile that the image of a woman dressed in pearls was born: at the time they were colored beads, strung one after the other, and of all colors, to create precise geometric patterns.

They are not real but the pearls sewn for the dress offer a scenic effect Lupita Nyong’o, and signed Calvin Klein, worn for the red carpet of the 2015 Oscars: one of the most admired and talked about garments of the evening that was made by threading about 6000 pearls.

Valentino haute couture spring summer 2021

The looks by Fendi and Valentino are a haute couture interpretation: a network of pearls white that adorns the body, playing with transparencies and nudity. Shiny elements that never cease to bewitch because pearls come back and reinvent themselves, age after age: they are not only a noble symbol of elegance and femininity, but here they become subject of experimentation thanks to the imagination of the stylists, like Pierpaolo Piccoli by Valentino is Kim Jones of Fendi.

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