In addition to health, isolation can, in some cases, have unexpected and very pleasant effects. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is well aware that, since March, is experiencing her lockdown at Windsor Castle in the company of her husband, Prince Philip, and a close circle of collaborators and helpers.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip


In fact, according to what a source close to the Royal Family reveals, these months of pandemic and isolation were for Queen Elizabeth II, the first real moment of rest in her life. A rest that is not however to be considered a retirement, or a break: his Majesty has continued and continues to fulfill his duties through technological tools including video calls and online meetings.

However, this period seems to have come for the Queen as the great opportunity within the great crisis. It was in fact for years that Elizabeth II and Philip had not spent so much pleasant time together: from the retirement of the Duke of Edinburgh from official commitments, arrived in 2017, to today, in fact, the Prince has spent most of his time on the Sandringham farm while the Regina was forced, due to her institutional commitments, to stay mostly in London.

Instead now, as several sources have already revealed, the couple can be together and above all rediscover the pleasure of everyday life and family dinners (to which the Queen always presents herself wearing a suitable dress).

A moment of rest and relaxation (even with his horses) which, as many say, is giving the tireless Sovereign of England moments of peace never experienced before.

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