What We Do All Day is the project that Martine Rose presented on a digital platform dedicated to the event and created in collaboration with the design studio International Magic, a sort of documentary between the virtual and the real. The idea was born during this long global lockdown, from the desire to reflect on the successful concentration of all daily activities inside our homes, as if the outside world had been compressed into the homes of each of us. Rose therefore wondered about what will happen when all this is over and how we will look at this period, whose complexity, especially from a psychological point of view, has certainly left very deep marks. The English designer therefore decided to recreate these everyday scenarios that have become all-encompassing, on the one hand, but also absolutely varied on the other, regardless of the geographical area taken into consideration.

Thus, in a virtual condominium, real scenes of everyday life alternated through videos featuring men and women from all over the world, intent on carrying out a series of activities – including Drake recording music in a recording studio – to occupy the very long time available during the lockdown. The digital presentation was conceived by Martine Rose like a fashion show, as to the importance of being present at a specific time, having decided to occupy three specific slots during which to go online. In these moments, the protagonists from cities such as Tokyo, London, Nairobi, Los Angeles, Moscow and London were filmed in full “privacy”, almost with a documentary approach. But all dressed in the designer’s spring summer 2021 collection. Not a new collection, but the season presented last September, to contextualize it in a literally domestic environment. In keeping with her laid-back approach, the “models” wore baggy sweaters with billiard-themed prints, soft jeans paired with famous square and oblong toe moccasins, Hawaiian shirts and trackpants, as well as tie-dye polo shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies. A lockdown wardrobe, signed by Martine Rose.

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