“Clean and Serene for eighteen months”. Clean and serene for 18 months. With a photo, Lily Allen he wanted to tell about his journey of fighting addiction. A journey made day by day and which saw the musician confront herself as she revealed on the podcast The Recovery.

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“I remember that I was in Los Angeles and I thought« All these palliatives don’t work anymore, maybe I should try heroin »” adding then “I knew that when that thought would occur to me, then it would be time to confront myself with the my demons “.

And so, in 2015 (five years ago), Lily Allen began her journey supported also and above all by her husband, David Harbor, with which she is married in September. “I am in a happy and healthy relationship. He is a teetotaler, and has been teetotal for 20 years. We are thinking about what to do in our future.”

Clearly there is no lack of awareness of the artist who admits that the absence from the scene has affected his popularity and his remuneration but, adds: “I am successful and I am fine with my mind, which is the most valuable thing ever. “.

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