The hooded sweatshirt is worn under the tailored jacket. This is the sporty chic fashion outfit, according to the latest street style trends

It is not the usual hoodie. Nor is it yet another capsule collection born from an unprecedented collaboration. It is rather a new way of wearing this garment, which is the essence of sportswear (together with sneakers), which involves the combination with a classic element, such as the jacket.

The final effect is a multi-layered outfit, then played on the stratification between sporty and chic items: under the hooded sweatshirt and over a nice tailored jacket. A particularly important note should be spent on the blazer which must have a rather wide fit, so as to guarantee complete freedom in movement, even in the simple act of wearing them.

Finally, the choice of the color palette: in this original stylistic combination, we recommend avoid bright and lively shades because they can compromise the final result of the look. Better to become familiar with neutral colors, without boldly attempting fantasies and fluorescent tones.

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