Jared Eng, who is also the stylist behind Joey King’s always-poppy look, works with Soko, who is currently doing press for her new film Mayday premiering at Sundance. Forget about all the red carpet gowns you’ve seen before, because Eng and Soko styled a fresh, sunny look for a more relaxed day of interviews.

Eng tapped Milan-based brand Sunnei for the majority of Soko’s separates: that yellow and mustard oversize polo dress, her two-tone bucket hat, and the red rubber-dipped earrings that provide an extra ounce of fun. Underneath the top, Soko worked Miu Miu’s daisy print platform sandals over Gucci x The North Face socks, a surprising twist that allowed her to pull off mixed prints flawlessly.

I was delighted to learn that the key items of this ensemble are on sale and can, in fact, have a home in my own wardrobe. Think of all the fancy-shmancy premieres you’ve spotted celebrities at before — never did you expect to add those gowns to your closet, am I right? There’s something about the easiness of an at-home press event that feels all the more relatable from a fashion perspective, and we’re glad to see it as we continue to take in celebrity style during the pandemic. Ahead, shop Soko’s pieces one by one.

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