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The “magic” rumors that have been running for years have finally received confirmation: HBO Max is preparing a TV series about Harry Potter. The project, mind you, still seems in an embryonic state, which means that there is no script or cast, but we are proceeding at a brisk pace.

The first details

A breath of pure air, in short, to start the year in a good mood, especially after the dismissal of Johnny Depp from the set of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 3, prequel saga also signed by JK Rowling, who in the meantime – again for Salani – has also published in Italy the new book L’Ickabog, also available in an Audible audiobook version with the voice of Jasmine Trinca. Archived, hopefully, the controversy on the transphobia by the author, with relative ping pong of statements by “her” actors, opens a new chapter for the saga. Not that there is a need to stabilize the fandom, mind you, as the marathons on the small screen continue to confirm its success.
There TV series, based on the literary saga of over 500 million copies, would be perfectly in line with the installment adaptations that are multiplying these days, including the new transposition of The Lord of the Rings and the recent Star Wars rib on Disney + (The Mandalorian). The news, launched exclusively by Hollywood Reporter, speaks of the development of a project potentially destined for a streaming platform that the official sources of production for the moment do not confirm. The initial stage, therefore, does not allow any plot or timing details to be defined yet, but it makes the fans cheer already hoping for a compulsive binge-watching of the episodes. The actors of the film franchise, first of all Tom Felton, interpreter of Draco Malfoy – who recently also organized a charity reunion with colleagues – are always enthusiastic and available when the press asks them for their opinion on a possible return, even if only. for a cameo.

Emma Watson in Harry Potter

A few hypotheses

The theatrical sequel Harry Potter and the cursed child (The Curse of the Heir) has hit the stages of London’s West End and Broadway and continues to garner interest. It could be an excellent starting point to tell the years of studies at Hogwarts of the children of the protagonists: the offspring of Harry / Ginny and Ron / Hermione together with that of Draco or Lupine could actually give life to new adventures, even if not more war-related in the wizarding world.
Many fans have written or shot stories about Voldemort’s childhood or about the Marauders, the schoolmates and best friends of James (Harry’s dad). In fact, there are many characters and events on which the public still has an incredible curiosity. One could even cut the umbilical cord with the present or the near past to go back to the founding of Hogwarts and develop the series on the founders of the four houses.
The ways to go seem truly endless and could run parallel to the films in production (three others), creating a bridge between small and large screen capable of unfolding on multiple levels as the Marvel Cinematic Universe has already shown (just think that the latest declination serial, Wandavision, just arrived on Disney +, breaks away from the comic style to embrace that of the black and white sitcom).

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

Meanwhile, in the Muggle world …

While wizards and witches reorganize creative ideas, Harry Potter-related initiatives are multiplying in the Muggle world (populated by those without powers). At the end of February he arrives in Italy for Salani iThe new box of books in the edition signed by architect Michele De Lucchi, Pandora continues to expand the jewelry collection dedicated to the Wizarding World (the most popular charm remains Hermione’s time-turner), Lidl has created a limited edition of dolls and clothing that has been snapped up , Moleskine offers articles dedicated to each novel and Lego churns out ever more elaborate sets, from the Hogwarts crest to the reproduction of the castle. Meanwhile, the theme parks multiply the attractions (on all Universal Studios in Hollywood and Orlando) waiting to reopen their doors at full speed, such as the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter, which so far remains closed until the end of February.
The eight films, which grossed over $ 8 billion, are often re-proposed by Warner Home Video in a deluxe version with interviews and insights into the wizarding world. The most requested remains the “magical collection” in the shape of a book-casket, the must of last Christmas.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (Salani)

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