These are the 7 skirt styles that will be cool for Spring Summer 2021

Many of the skirt styles we’ll be wearing for Spring Summer 2021 are inspired by very different periods: low-waisted like in the 2000s, or tapered and long like in the 90s. Some of us will opt for a (very short!) Miniskirt, others will flaunt voluminous, flouncy and colored tulle styles. Read our guide to the new season’s skirts.

The low-waisted skirt

From low-waisted pants to low-waisted skirts, that was fast! The attention is focused on the waistline and sculpted midriff. The skirt rests on the hips, sensuously accentuating every movement.

The exposed thong skirt

A little, jaw-dropping and playful detail that will definitely capture anyone’s attention; is that a real thong peeking out?

The miniskirt

They are not just short, but also low-waisted; the skirt becomes a mere fabric strip, large enough to cover our underwear. In refined, colored fabrics or in soft suede, miniskirts are back.

The circle skirt

We go back to the 50s with this New Look iconic piece, revisited with a modern twist and teamed with pointy pumps, a utility belt and a recycled sweater.

The middle slit skirt

The embodiment of minimalism. Wear it with a matching blazer.

The long pencil skirt

This floor-length, rustling hem skirt recalls geishas’ traditional costumes and their typical stride. Only a large back slit will ease our movements.

The tulle skirt

Over-the-top and bold: tulle skirts, voluminous, flouncy and ruffled, come alive in exciting colors. Wear one to feel like Carrie in Sex & the City.

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