The January 21st The digital meeting was held between the Vogue Talents team and a selection of creatives who received feedback and suggestions regarding the fashion portfolios sent. In the years Vogue Talents he organized numerous occasions for students of universities and academies, e designer under 40 of clothing and accessories, illustrators and creatives, increasing the search for new generation talents. In view of this difficult health situation the transition to the digital format of these portfolio reviews was necessary and allowed to reach creatives from all over the world.

On the occasion of the Kindness Challenge launched by Vogue Italia with the release of the December 2020 issue, several meetings were organized with the various “sectors” of the magazine. Thus the Vogue Talents team together with Sara Sozzani Maino, Head of Vogue Talents and Deputy Director of Vogue Italia, met and evaluated the portfolios of five creatives selected from the numerous applications received.

Here are the creatives met during this occasion: Gina Grünwald, Swiss student of Central Saint Martins; Ioana Chis, Romanian student of the Marangoni Institute, Katrin Funcke, German illustrator; Omar Repossi, Italian student graduated in 2020 from the IED e Rosa Allocca student and designer of the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples.

An image from Gina Grünwald’s portfolio

An image from Ioana Chis’ portfolio

An image from Katrin Funcke’s portfolio

An image from Omar Repossi’s portfolio

A detail of a textile experiment by Rosa Allocca

How to prepare the Fashion Portfolio, which serves to make yourself known by head hunter and HR on occasions like Portfolio Reviews? It is in fact a presentation document essential for any job interview, to participate in competitions and to enter the most important fashion schools. In a nutshell: for studying fashion and for work in fashion, the portfolio is the starting point.

Here are our tips for what to include in a fashion portfolio

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