All you need to know about Agnese Claisse, the protagonist of the film directed by Matteo Garrone for the launch of the new Dior Haute Couture collection

Immense blue eyes, an old scar on his face and that indecipherable expression that attracts like a magnet. Agnes Claisse it has something special, something that inevitably remains imprinted in the mind of the beholder, like a photo or a portrait. Italian-French actress born in 1988, Agnese is a daughter of art – her mother is Laura Morante, the father George Claisse -, and the cinema, as often happens in these cases, happened on its way thanks to the parents. Her destiny was sealed, which led her to act very young for Paolo Virzì and Carlo Verdone, then in the Italian TV series 1992, and a few years ago in the film Blue Kids, directed by Andrea Tagliaferri.

Today, however, we find her in the lead role in the film Le Château du Tarot which unveils the new collection Dior Haute Couture spring summer 2021 conceived by Maria Grazia Chiuri. Behind the camera we find again Matteo Garrone, the Roman director who signed the short film for the French maison last season Théâtre de la Mode – recently awarded at the Fashion Film Festival 2021 – and that after the success of the first collaboration he returns to work with Chiuri to tell the magical universe of Tarot by Bonifacio Bembo – much loved by Monsieur Dior – through a fascinating story of inner rebirth.

And it is Agnese Claisse, in the role of a skeptical girl, who embarks on the journey that will lead her to find her true self and to answer the initial question of the film: qui suis je? His path, inside the labyrinth Sammezzano Castle, is marked by the encounter with some of the major Arcana – from the Popess to Death, passing through Justice, the Fool, the Hanged Man, Temperance, the Devil and the Moon – which show themselves up to reveal the final solution to the young woman . Absolute star of the short movie, which we unveil below, Claisse demonstrates with this interpretation an extraordinary talent, of which – we are sure – we will soon hear a lot about.

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