On the occasion of Haute Couture, Boucheron presents the video “A History of Style, Art Decò” which shows the inexhaustible charm of the geometries of High Jewelery

Dry and dry style, jewels marked by a strong geometricism, strongly influenced by the artistic avant-gardes of the time such as cubism, abstractionism and constructivism. Boucheron shows the most precious side of Art Decò, played on the different cuts of diamonds mounted on a light skeletal structure, apparently non-existent.

The Creative Director, Claire Choisne, has extrapolated the spirit, the line, the absolute simplicity of a fashion, that of Deco, which emerges in antithesis with the Liberty fantasy and sinuosity. The seed is sown by the tailor Paul Poiret who for the first time, in the 1920s, offers one vertical construction and cleaned of redundancies, therefore more practical.

The game of masculine and feminine, of black and white, of opposites, does not look at one and the other: rings, brooches, necklaces, but also ties and belts, all these jewels are worn and thus interpreted in a different way, thus becoming pieces multiwear with a genuinely contemporary taste.

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