A lively riot of colors and sounds: all thanks to the soundtrack with the biggest hits of Raffaella Carrà. And so the musical Spanish Ballroom Dance (Explota explota), arriving on January 25 on Amazon Prime Video (after the opening of the Torino Film Festival), seems to contain all the panache that is missing at the beginning of the year. With the participation of the teen idol Giuseppe Maggio (just seen in On the most beautiful), some Fiat Cinquecento and Vespa near a postcard Colosseum in the Seventies, the story moves from Rome to Madrid in a brilliant and fabulous romanticism.

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Giuseppe Maggio in Dance Dance

The plot

Over the lines, indeed very over the lines, the story follows the events of Maria (Ingrid Garcìa-Jonsson), a girl fleeing to the altar, shy, confused and lost, who is helped by a casual and kind hostess, Amparo (Veronica Echegui) to find a home and work as her colleague. His greatest dream, however, remains the dance, which is why he admires the soubrette Rosa (Natalia Millàn), who performs on TV on cheerful choreographies, but also subjected to rigorous because controlled by the censorship of the local broadcaster, embodied by the manager Celedonio (Pedro Casablanc). Thanks to a twist of fate, he meets Pablo (Fernando Guallar), unaware that he not only works for the program but is also the son of the manager. When the ex-boyfriend dumped a few moments after the wedding follows her to Spain, the situation becomes complicated.

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I dance alone

Forget Pedro Almodovar: Dance dance it is much more similar to Paso Adelante than to the poetics of the Iberian filmmaker. It’s a musical comedy simple and without ambitious claims, directed by newcomer Nacho Alvarez, pure entertainment gender with funny and sometimes even tender characters, strictly in technicolor.
The real strength remain the songs of Raffaella Carrà, echoing everywhere, during a scheduled flight or in the middle of the road. Every occasion is the right one to tell the protagonists’ feelings in notes and to move the daily monotony a little. The songs tease and provoke, but here they seem a metaphor for almost feminist change, banners of modernity against the bigotry of the “old guard”.

Have a laugh

The freshness of youth, daydreams and the will to live: the carefree and bubbly mix of the plot, mixed with the lighthearted words of “Happy Birthday”, triggers a priceless nostalgia effect. And you change pace and tone with surprising speed, to move on to 0303456 and the catchphrases that accompanied the love life of an entire generation in the roaring 70s. Today I am evergreen songs that immediately instill good humor and joy, chasing away any serious and committed thought. These cult by Raffaella Carrà, sung in Spanish in the original version, frame the naivety of an era that seems more linear and less frightening than the present, almost familiar and reassuring.
Heaven bless the Tuca Tuca, even if in this version he is played by an Amazon with long raven hair instead of a platinum blonde bob.

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