The 1940s chronicles defined Christian Dior ‘man more superstitious of the world. The stylist, in fact, performed superstitious rituals before each show and never forgot to bring a lucky charm with him. But most of all he consulted the tarots to find out the fate of his new collections. All this strongly influenced the life and creations of the couturier. And today the symbols of the tarot are back to inspire the world of Dior. The Haute Couture Spring Summer 2021 collection created by Maria Grazia Chiuri starts right here. To reveal it is a video that sees the creative director sitting in the atelier while having the tarot read, just like Monsieur Dior did. In the background, the maison’s new dream dresses.

The magic of Matteo Garrone tells the collection once again, revealing the background exclusively on in the making of video. “The director constructs a narrative iconography that draws on the visual power of the Visconti tarot,” explains the brand. “This is the tarot deck illuminated by Bonifacio Bembo for the dukes of Milan towards the middle of the 15th century, and which becomes the wonderful story of the collection. These splendid papers – animated by golds, enamels, vegetal and geometric intricacies, of solemn enigmatic density – reveal an inner journey, an adventure to self-discovery. It is a journey inside a castle populated by a series of figures that are the imprint of the major arcana, that pose questions, that confuse, that invite us to look at the world using a different point of view. To arrive, in the director’s interpretation, at that overcoming of gender which is a synthesis of masculine and feminine. In a new heraldic mythology that refers to those enchanted worlds so dear to Garrone ”.

Here the full movie.

But let’s get into the looks.

The tarot symbols invade coats and dresses. And among the looks, the personifications of the tarot itself are hidden.

The empire silhouette is back.

Magnificent jacquard workings embellish dresses, jackets and skirts.

Male and female come together.

Shirts with impalpable sleeves lend a romantic touch to dresses and suits.

Do not miss the great classic of the new Dior: Bar Jacket and see-through skirts.

The dream: the sky dress with hood. Have you ever thought that this look symbolizes death?

Check out all the looks from the Dior Haute Couture Spring Summer 2021 collection and the making-of photos.

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