The beauty trends 2021 as every year will also be defined by the brands. From the most famous ones, but not only: often the most innovative ideas come from small and medium brands that are just born and, perhaps also for this reason, more daring. This is why we have decided to select 20 new and brand new brands and as many “must have” products. In addition to the first signs of 2021 beauty trends, science and nature, technology and magic emerge, as well as the return to simple gestures within everyone’s reach *. Relaxing, fun rituals and rituals aimed at multiple versions of ourselves, without neglecting any of them.

espressoh with Sweet and Sour

Four-color palette with a modular intensity – amaretto, moka, tabasco, spritzy – launched in November 2020. The motto of the brand, founded in 2018 by Chiara, an under thirty of the third millennium, is Do you wanna coffee with us? The idea of ​​espresso coffee encompasses 100% Made in Italy together with a simple and daily gesture. A return to the basics that tells how beauty reveals itself in the smallest things. Sweet and Sour, applicable both with the brush and with the fingers, has a creamy effect, full colors and all-day duration.

Here After with PHASMA

One of the seven essential oils that Alice Manfroni created by combining love for nature, yoga and meditation. All made with biological essences, they inherit their names – Nus, Eilodon, Psyche, Dianoia, Soma, Ochema and precisely Phasma – from the studies and subsequent discussion of Rudolf Steiner, esotericist and theosophist, in his “The science of the spirit”. In this case, the ingredients are lavender and lemongrass. Applied on the temples it promotes mental relaxation. Combined with bath salts, it offers a regenerating foot bath. Particularly recommended as an evening ritual. In addition to oils, Palo Santo and dried white sage.

Locherber Skincare with Milky Way

New beauty ritual that illuminates and protects the skin of the face, inspired by the light of the Milky Way. Brigitte Baerlocher, Head of Marketing and Communication of the Cosval group, claims to have always been fascinated by space and stars and to have wanted to enclose their essence in the purifying gel / illuminating milk and in the detox face cream. The texture is designed both for younger skin and for a fresh, more adult beauty routine. The gel transforms in contact with water, during cleansing, into soft milk while its formula is enriched with ginger root extract, for circulation, and coffee powder for a light scrub. The face cream is a mini spa treatment with Meadowfoam seeds and Charitè Butter, Vitamin B3 and probiotics.

heimish with Varnish Velvet Lip Tint 01 Cherry Tomato Red

Full of vitality and high saturation, delicate and creamy in texture. Trendy packaging and in this case pocket, is just one of the products made by the Korean company with a focus on makeup in fresh but natural tones. Paraben-free, each piece is cruelty-free.

Agenov with Revitalizing Tonic

Daily treatment that completes the cleansing of the face with an exclusive composition that does not alter the hydrolipidic balance of the skin and gives a pleasant sensation of well-being and a delicate fragrance. Distilled water of Hamamelis, Glycacid, Guarana and Aloa juice are the ingredients. Agenov represents a new lifestyle that brings together the uncontaminated nature of the Amazon forest and Italian technology. The promise is to achieve a new age.

MeWe with Ila Malù Quirk Line

Small, infinite triangles of a kaleidoscope from which unexpected combinations arise. Practical, modular and multifunctional products but also unexpected and emotional. Magical? To remind us of the transforming force of Emy, protagonist of the 80s cartoons, is one of the strong pieces: Magic Wand Transforming Foundation, solid and multi-technical foundation, which recalls a wand equipped with special Changing Color microencapsulated pigments that allow to convey a color universal that transforms to adapt to different skin tones.

Agent Nateur with The Oli (Trinity)

A regenerating, soothing and nourishing ménage à trois for soft and supple skin. Holi (water) is a moisturizing tonic that exfoliates, plumps and brightens. Holi (c) is a serum based on pearl powder, calcium and vitamin C that firms and evens skin tone, fights free radicals and minimizes scars and acne. Holi (oil) fortifies the dermis and reduces redness, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. Jena Covello, creator of the brand, started with the production of aluminum-free deodorants.

Akar Skin with Balance Toner, Clarify Face Oil is Pure Lip Restoration

The word Akar means white crystal in Tibetan and symbolizes purity, well-being and a new beginning. The founding ingredients are Goji berries and Tibetan plateau sea buckthorn. The idea is that of ancient healing. The toner is for all skin types and can also be used as a fixative, the oil reduces excess sebum and thanks to the antioxidants of Argan it repairs oxidation damage and gives lasting hydration. The conditioner, for all skin types, can be used on any part of the body to soothe and fight dark spots.

La Saponaria with Wondermask 2 steps

Anti-age preparatory exfoliating treatment and detox and illuminating effect. The first step is comparable to an exfoliating scrub that prepares the skin to receive the active ingredients, the second is a treatment with a very high concentration of natural phytocomplexes. La Saponaria can be defined as an artisan laboratory of conscious products with low environmental impact and high social value.

On The Wild Side with The New Moon Ritual

An invitation to disconnect and start a new beginning. The ritual combines the virtues of Palo Santo and the effectiveness of the exfoliating mask with active ingredients that purify and regenerate the skin. 100% organic. The brand is defined as a manifesto inspired by benevolence and was born from the reading of an exchange between the philosopher Edgar Morin and the artist Michelangelo Pistoletto.

Perfidy with Filling Booster

An exclusive combination of hyaluronic acid in three different forms: Hyalastine, ACP and HBC. The treatment strengthens the structure of the skin, rediscovering its beauty. Enriched with a selection of satellite active ingredients, highly tolerable functional substances, it reduces wrinkles even in depth and reshapes the face, making its contours more defined. The texture is rich and enveloping.

ARIIX with Lucim

New skincare line for an eco-friendly beauty routine. The products are characterized by a perfect balance between science and nature and are aimed at those who are attentive to the well-being of their skin without neglecting respect for the environment. Thanks to liposomal encapsulation technology and formulas with plant extracts, stem cells and multivitamins, the product penetrates the skin, acting in depth. Skincerity is a roll-on night mask with Breathable Barrier technology. To be applied on face, colo, hands and décolleté.

now with Rebalancing Micellar Gel

Rebalancing product that removes impurities, moisturizing and giving life to the skin. For daily use and without rinsing, it is much more than a simple make-up remover, in fact it rehydrates even the most sensitive skin. Citrus scented and allergen free, it offers a sensory break in the midst of chaos. The brand was born in 2020 from the union of three Italian sisters who live between Milan and Paris. Parisian beauty meets Italian traditions and our passion for life. Long-term healthy and glowing skin with a few simple steps.

Madame Miranda with PIMP MY BOOTY

Product of the beauty collection MM MAGIC 4. Peach-proof buttock scrub mask. Rich in antioxidants, it makes the skin firm and soft. Inside a combination of sugar and green coffee extract, useful for eliminating imperfections and visible spots. Unconventional is one of the brand’s core values: helping women take care of themselves in a fun way. Madame Miranda is also a hair & beauty service that can be booked online, available seven out of seven. Diamante and Gioia are the creators.

Milk Makeup with Vegan Milk Cleanser

Vegan and effective face cleanser, without sulphates. For normal to dry skin. Born in New York, the brand empathizes with and draws inspiration from its community and culture. Many products come in stick and mini size formats. Brightly colored makeup and skincare.

Palermo Body with Botanical Facial Steam

Soothing floral blend that relaxes the pores and naturally relieves the senses thanks to steam. Concentrate of dried flowers and herbs, it has anti-inflammatory properties and is rich in vitamins. It also prepares the skin for a deeper cleansing. The leftover flower water from steaming can be used in the bathtub. The philosophy behind the brand is based on the foundation of holistic life.

DeoDoc with Shaving Kit

Three-step intimate shave with a silky smooth effect. Oil, foam and balm which, together with other products always aimed at intimate care and hygiene, come from the Asadi sisters and their medical skills. The pH is balanced and the composition is 100% vegan. “We have the knowledge and we want to share it with women around the world.” Breaking taboos is one of the goals.

Sweed Lashes with Thomas Sekelius Flawless

Lashes nestled inside a yellow box that makes them stand out just as they will with the eyes once they wear them. The brand has a total focus on the look by offering light and easy-to-apply mascara, pencils and false eyelashes. The effect is natural.

Alkemilla with Solid body wash

Nourishing and softening thanks to protective and soothing oils and extracts. Present sweet almond oil, extracts of Altea and Oat, Shea butter and organic sunflower oil. It is massaged directly on the skin or on the sponge until a soft foam is obtained. Fragrance of Frangipane.

WBCo. with Soap Brows and Prep Mist

Eyebrow soap created to shape them as desired and maintain their style. Natural, soft or cared for, they have become almost an obsession and with the natural ingredients present in the preparation, the surrounding skin will also be cared for and nourished. Hollywood inspiration, founders Donna and Kim, mother and daughter.

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